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So, it’s come down to this: I’m shutting down. Last month, my server got attacked by hackers, taking all of our WordPress-powered sites down. Although the site and its archives have since been restored, I’ve eliminated the commenting system from Scrubbles and don’t plan on writing any more blog entries. Like many other bloggers, maintaining this particular site for a dwindling audience got to be too much of a chore. quietly launched in 2000, and its heyday was in 2001-2003. Despite a lot of efforts to maintain an interested readership, the last ten years have personally felt like shouting into a vast, empty canyon. “Is anybody there?,” I’d constantly say – and no one would answer. Despite that bitterness, I’m so pleased at how my little blog came out. Better to have a readership, however brief, than to never have had one at all.

This isn’t to say that I’ve given up on writing or blogging. For the past 18 months, I’ve been busy at work on a book which will (fingers crossed) prove incredibly useful for a specific market. That exciting venture will be ready later on this year. After the hacking incident, I’ve also tried blogging at This time, I’m going to stick to a one-story-a-week schedule!

It’s been a wonderful, illuminating 17 years. Thank you.

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