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Monthly Archives: April 2017

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April Is for the Birds (and Mammals, and Fish, and…)

02.04.2017 - Deer (more precisely, two dik diks)

02.04.2017 – Deer (more precisely, two dik diks)

I’m continuing my 2017 goal of doing a sketch a day. Each month has a loose theme. February was portraits of famous African Americans, while March had me sketching various small objects such as utensils, money and figurines. For April, I’m taking inspiration from Charley Harper, Howard Pierce and the dormant-yet-still-terrific Animalarium weblog. I will be sketching a stylized animal a day, rendered in as modern a style as possible. In fact, I like this idea so much that it will continue in June and September. Follow along on Whimsy, Inc. or Instagram!

01.04.2017 - Zebra

01.04.2017 – Zebra