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Monthly Archives: November 2007

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Cuteness In Bulk

I’m awashed in a lot of things right now. Awash in work, awash in computer problems, but mostly awash in cute. To give you an example — recently I asked Christopher what kind of gift he desired for our anniversary. He replied that he wished for a drawing featuring (and I quote) “a bunny and a duckie.” So I came up with this little watercolor:

Illustration by Matt Hinrichs

Cute, eh? The cuteness didn’t end there, however, since a few days later the rockin’ Julie sent me a link to this All American Glamour Kitty Contest photo set. The hilarious photos and recollections of a girl entering her beloved puss in a whirlwind early ’70s kitty litter-sponsored beauty competition has loads of cuteness. But it’s a melancholy sort of cuteness tempered with Playboy bunnies, hideous fashions, and one terrified shorthair.

Oh, and there’s also the Japanese-inspired Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots to ooh over, thanks to loyal scrubbles reader Jan. So cute you could just spit!

We’re Back

It looks like is up and running again and accepting comments. Carry on!!

Technical Difficulties (Again), Please Stand By

My weblog just got a mysterious WordPress glitch which is preventing comments from getting through. On the plus side it’s also blocking spam comments, but still it’s a major annoyance. I’m hoping to have the problem fixed within a few days until my web host can get back to me. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of a kitten under a Christmas tree (Ideals, 1968):

Turkey Day Dishes Ranked and Rated

Pumpkin Pie, illustration by Matt HinrichsWe have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and although I spend a lot of time thinking about family and tradition, blah blah blah, I often think about the food. It’s always the same things every year, often badly prepared, we eat too much of it, and yet we keep coming back for more. I think it’s high time to stack up the things we eat and compile them into a meaningless list. Here, in my humble opinion, are the best to worst Thanksgiving Day foods:

1. Pumpkin Pie What I spend the other eleven months of the year pining for. So essential to my happiness that any T-giving without a slice of golden-orange heaven seems incomplete. A+
2. Turkey with Gravy Good, not too dry mix of white and dark meat with a delicate drizzle of lumpless brown gravy deserves to be the centerpiece of the dinner plate. A
3. Buttered Dinner Roll An often overlooked part of the Thanksgiving table, but nothing beats a real oven-baked roll with a square of genuine butter. A
4. Stuffing As long as I don’t think too hard about eating something that was baked inside a hollowed-out turkey carcass, I love a thoughtfully prepared stuffing. My mom likes to use a recipe involving raisins, a needless addition which upsets the delicate flavor balance (sweets belong in the dessert, ma!). B+
5. Diet Cola An essential part of the meal when changing courses — a nice cool glass of your favorite diet cola (I like Diet Pepsi; Diet Coke has too much caffeine and the extra bubbles make me gassy.). It’s like Drain-O for the palate. B+
6. Green Bean Casserole Mushy and kinda gross, but really what would Thanksgiving be without it? Personally I’d prefer simply gorging on the French-fried onion topping. B
7. Cranberry Sauce I love the taste of cranberries — but when they’re presented in a gelatinous heap containing who knows what kind of mystery bits, my stomach starts to churn. Especially unappealing when served in the “straight outta the can” shape. C
8. Candied Yams When done well, cooked from scratch and coated with a lightly toasted marshmallow topping, these are excellent. I think I’ve only had them that way once, however, and mostly when I think of yams I picture a sickeningly sweet side dish which sucks away the specialness of the other foods on my plate. C-
9. White Salad This nausea-inducing grape and marshmallow concoction was a staple at the Thanksgivings of my childhood. It must be heaven for grape and marshmallow connoisseurs, of which I am not! D-
10. Egg Nog I associate egg nog with Christmas, but sometimes at Thanksgiving someone (with a sick sense of humor, no doubt) carts it out. The only way to consume this crap is to gag it down. F

Filmed in Orlando, Bore-ida

I was perusing an early (1991) issue of Entertainment Weekly this morning, and one thing that caught my eye was Ken Tucker’s D-minus review of Hi, Honey I’m Home. Ahh, remember that one? This short-lived show had the then-novelty of running twice in the same week — once on ABC, then again on Nick at Nite. The concept of a typical ’50s TV sitcom family adjusting to life in the crass ’90s held lots of promise, but that’s about the only thing this shoddily scripted effort had going for it. Check out the pilot episode on YouTube. Better yet, watch the first five minutes then speed on toward the end for the weird sight of elderly Gale Gordon still doing his “Mr. Mooney” shtick.

The Future According to Syd Mead

Back in 2001 I put together a little site showcasing artwork from Sentinel, a book of futurist concept paintings from the legendary Syd Mead. Six years on, I never expected that it would continue to have a life. Various sites still link to it, and people still send me emails asking where they can get the book (on eBay, but be prepared to shell out the big bucks). In the past week, I revisited the book and rescanned many of the images at a larger size for assembly in a Syd Mead – Sentinel flickr set containing several new images not on the scrubbles site. Mead’s extraordinary sense of style, color and blazing optimism still knock my socks off. Here’s a sampler, for the dreamers among us:

Mead - Lecture Hall

Mead - Race to the Megastructure

Mead - Wonderwall