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Monthly Archives: August 2007

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Dolly Dolly Dolly

What with three manga book cover designs due on the same day, the workload ran so heavy today that I’ll likely be dreaming of saucer-eyed warrior women wearing thigh high leather boots tonight. One thing that made the day go by a little faster was listening to Andrew Dupuy’s fun audio essay on Dolly Parton’s “crossover” period of 1977-80 at Discover A World Of Sounds. I have a particular sweet spot for this critically reviled yet sweet-as-honey time in Dolly’s career — so thank you very much, Andrew!

Extinct Attractions Club

MSN catches a contributor in a nostalgic mood: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland. A good article, although I think a lot of this second-hand nostalgia tends to gloss over the fact that some of those old rides may have not been all that. Sure, the Monsanto House of the Future looks way cool in photographs, but when I queried my mom (who visited D’land for the first time in the mid-’60s), she said it didn’t make much of an impression on her. I can remember doing Mission to Mars in 1987, being underwhelmed by an outdated and dull experience. Times change and they can’t keep it a museum.

That said, I truly hate how the current Disneyland is becoming less about the low-key and educational and more about the blatant selling of crap. I’m still pissed about them making the treehouse into a Tarzan shill, and Jack Sparrow invading the pirate ride and Tom Sawyer Island seems wrong. Something like Adventure Thru Inner Space could make you learn about molecules and have a good ‘ol campy time — why can’t they recapture that sort of magic any more?

Indestructibles 4: Revenge of the Girls

Promises, Promises

Last year I wrote about the “indestructibles”, my arbitrarily-chosen word for songs that hold up well to multiple interpretations by different artists, and now’s a good time to revisit that idea. Looking through my iTunes collection, I’ve listed the songs recorded by at least three different performers below (the ones that weren’t covered in the earlier post, anyhow). At this point it’s getting to be a lot of groovy/fun ’60s songs which wouldn’t be considered standards by any stretch, but there are some interesting nuggets to be found. “Oh No Not My Baby”, for example, was done at least four times in three different decades, but each singer has her own unique take on the tune. Some of these are purely coincidental: goofy music expert Phil X. Milstein recently sent me a bunch of “Hurting Each Others” which predate the Carpenters’ hit, and the presence of three renditions of the obscure ballad “Look at Me” seems like a complete fluke. If anyone has their own “indestructibles” to share, post ’em here. I’d love to see them! (artwork from the original program for Broadway musical Promises, Promises, c.1968)

Anyone Who Had A Heart — Cilla Black, Dionne Warwick, Dusty Springfield, Linda Ronstadt
Both Sides Now — Harpers Bizarre, Doris Day, Skeeter Davis
Boys — The Shirelles, The Beatles, Jeannie & The Big Guys
California My Way — The Committee, The Fifth Dimension, The Gimmicks
California Nights — Lesley Gore, The Four King Cousins, Wes Montgomery
Call Me — The Foundations, Petula Clark, Chris Montez
The Drifter — Harpers Bizarre, Rita Calypso, Roger Nichols & The Small Circle of Friends
For Once In My Life — Barbara McNair, Jean DuShon, Spiral Starecase
Happy Heart — Andy Williams, Petula Clark, Freda Payne
Heart — Joey Loren, The 2 of Clubs, Petula Clark
Hurting Each Other — The Carpenters, The Guess Who, Jimmy Clanton, Ruby & The Romantics, Ruth Lewis
I Can’t Give Back The Love I Feel For You — Diana Ross, Dusty Springfield, Syreeta Wright
Look At Me — Davy Jones, Bergen White, Rita Calypso
My Boyfriend’s Back — The Angels, The Chiffons, The Paper Dolls
Oh No Not My Baby — Maxine Brown, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Linda Ronstadt
One Tin Soldier — Coven, The Original Caste, Skeeter Davis
Paradise — The Ronettes, The Shangri-Las, Bette Midler
Popcorn — Gershon Kingsley, Hot Butter, The Fairfax High School Marimba Band
Silver Threads and Golden Needles — The Springfields, Skeeter Davis, The Cowsills
Sunglasses — Skeeter Davis, Tracey Ullman, Sandy Posey
What Am I Gonna Do With You — Lesley Gore, The Inspirations, Skeeter Davis
Yesterday — Dionne Warwick, The Doodletown Pipers, The Toys
You Are My Sunshine — Aretha Franklin, Dee Dee Sharp, The Free Design

Housing Developments

Funny stuff: the Phoenix New Times‘ Robrt L. Pela begins a new column, Surreal Estate, with a piece on the new faux-Italian apartment complex bordering the busy I-17 freeway. This reminds me of when I went apartment hunting back in 1994. Looking for places in the East Valley (Tempe/Chandler/Mesa), I used the Arizona Republic listings as a guide. Bad decision. Back then they used to run a weekly writeup on a local apartment complex — and week after week it was always some snooty high-end place in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley being profiled. Even worse was the fact that the profiles had the feel of superficial, relentlessly upbeat puffery (which describes just about everything the Republic publishes). Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading about whatever Pela can come up with for his column.

Related: Derrick Bostrom’s vintage Phoenix postcard collection.

Big Fat Link Log 2

smiley bookLooking back, it’s been a year since I posted My Big Fat Link Log with the intent of an annual refresh — so it’s high time to do an update. So in case you were wondering what I waste my precious daytime hours on while I should be working, here you go. Surprisingly I got rid of a few, but isn’t it always the case that there are a constant stream of ever-interesting reads to take their place? Bulleted weblogs are either a) new or b) unaccountably missing from last year’s log.

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White on White Books

We love our cat Eero. Even so, she’s fond of getting into places she shouldn’t be — like the five foot high shelf in our living room. To deter her I got a little book holder and filled it full of books with white, off-white and beige jackets to take up most of the shelf space. Arranging books by color is something that’s taken hold in recent years and there’s even a Flickr group devoted to the subject. Eero will still probably find a way to squeeze herself up there, but at least it’ll look pretty with a white kitty next to a bunch of white books.

White Books