Highlights from our automobile tour of Central and Southern California:

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We started from Phoenix bright and early Sunday morning.
A few hours later, we were driving through the beautiful
upper desert of the Joshua Tree National Park!

Find out about Joshua Tree's most famous resident!

After a beautiful drive up the coast Monday night,
we stayed at the San Simeon Lodge and visited
San Simeon (the home of William Randolph Hearst)
on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday night was our stopover in Ventura, California.
We stayed at "The Silver Sands Motel," a quaint 1950 roadside motel.
They even had a pet cat who greeted us!

Wednesday morning, we drove into smoggy, trafficky Los Angeles.
Our goal: to tour the 1922 Barnsdall ("Hollyhock") House --
the first of many Los Angeles designs by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Other architectural sites that day: the great "Crossroads of the World" complex on Sunset Blvd; the site of the long-gone "Garden of Allah Hotel" at 8150 Sunset (now, predictably, a savings and loan); homes built by movie studio technicians in the 1950s along Dicks Street; and the private residence of Lloyd Wright off Doheny Dr.

Wednesday night we stayed at the 1950s indoor-outdoor Beverly Terrace Hotel in Beverly Hills. We had a wonderful dinner at "Encounter," the restaurant inside the late-1950s, space-age, Theme Building high atop Los Angeles International Airport.

After a continental breakfast of fruit and muffins next to the pool, we set off for the Museum of Television and Radio. Along the way, we stopped and took pictures of the 1920s residence known lovingly as "The Witch's House" in Beverly Hills.

After our stay at a quaint roadside hotel in San Bernardino, we headed off to Palm Springs for a morning of architectural wonders -- including the famous Frey Gas Station -- and lunch before heading home.

One of our great finds was the once-glamorous Palm Springs Biltmore Hotel, that suddenly closed in the mid 1980s. We snuck onto the grounds with our camera and took many photos that capture an echo of the chic hotel's earlier glory.

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