The East Valley Experience

Saturday, August 12, 2000

  Meet your hosts

Join our intrepid travelers for a day of exploration in the harsh desert and the harsher suburbs.

  cool '40s diner

This moderne 1940s diner might have been a haven for miners, stopping for coffee and doughnuts on the way to work. Now it's being used as a very stylish storage facility.

  El Rey Motel

You're always welcome at the El Rey Motel in Globe, AZ.

  Apache Junction from car

Apache Junction: The Ugliest 'lil Town in the West!®

  Marquee Diner

The Marquee Diner on Main Street in Mesa, AZ. Compare this new pic (left) with the one on this 1950s postcard (right).


These incredibly cool '50s signs can be seen found along Main Street in Mesa and Apache Junction.

  more signs

Still more signs, illustrating the popular "arrow" motif in '50s signage.