September 28 through October 3, 2007 — Matt and Christopher go to Key West, Florida! More here.

We began with an overnight flight from Phoenix to Atlanta to Florida. Here's a shot from the loveliest "wing" of the trip between Orlando and Key West.

Instead of a full fledged meal, Delta Airlines had a snack pack which included rosemary crackers, cheese, raisins and a shortbread cookie. I would have preferred a sandwich.

During our layover in Orlando, we took the airport tram only to find that we had to go through security to shop at the Walt Disney World souvenir store. We passed (not enough time). Oh, well — bye bye, Orlando.

We booked our stay at a gay and lesbian inn called Alexander's Guesthouse. It was a beautiful, restful place and the staff was excellent.

Our first day was spent exploring. We ate lunch at one of the better known seafood restaurants, Alonzo's. This guy was not listed on the menu.

A path inside Alexander's was lined with all sorts of tropical vegetation. All of Key West was like this, quite a change from Arizona.

Me in front of the Key West Lime Shoppe. I just had to sample the slice of key lime pie dipped in chocolate, and it was not a disappointment.

Mouth watering key lime pie display inside the Key West Lime Shoppe.

On our second day, a visit to the Key West Cemetery was a highlight. This is part of the U.S.S. Maine Memorial to commemorate an explosion that killed two dozen navy servicemen in 1898. More on the next page!

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