Hadley Orchard store outside Palm Springs. On the way back home, we had to pick up some dried fruit for the trail mix!

Cell phone transmission tower camoflaged to look like a tree. Saw quite a few of these off the highways, including one disguised as a palm tree.

Bolsa Chica State Park and Wildlife Refuge, just north of Huntington Beach. This was one of our first stops. Those little dots in the distance are various birds.

We went to Bolsa Chica just as the sun was setting over the Pacific.

Sandpipers at Bolsa Chica.

Me standing in front of the miniaturized Palace of Fine Arts in Disney's California Adventure.

Cool miniature model of Disneyland in 1955, seen inside the Opera House on Main Street.

Blurry shot of the Tiki Room interior. I knew I shoulda used a flash. Onward to page 2.

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