On February 12-16, 2005 we took a road trip to Bisbee, Arizona and points South. I took a few pictures and have them posted here for your enjoyment. More here.

Bisbee from a hill on a wonderfully sunny day. The town is basically situated in a giant, long canyon with most of its buildings perched on hillsides.

A look down a hilly boulevard. Our hotel, the Striped Stocking, is to the right; the green-balconied building in the distance is Bisbee's oldest hotel, the Copper Queen.

In the '30s, townspeople erected a statue dedicated to the copper miners who lost their lives. And here it is. Very sexy and Ayn Rand-esque, eh?

The mine itself, which closed in '74. The buildings at upper left indicate just how frickin' huge this hole is. Don't even ask me what that black liquid is.

Walking though Bisbee one sees lots of examples of public art. Even this graffiti looks elegantly composed.

A mermaid-shaped iron gate at one of Bisbee's private residences.

Now we're on to Douglas, AZ, a small town that borders Mexico. LOVED this sign. More here.

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