snoopy I

February 8 After flying to San Francisco on Feb.7 and spending a busy day with friends, we awoke at the Santa Rosa Motel 6 refreshed. Our first stop was Snoopy's Gift Shop, followed by the Charles M. Shulz Museum.
"Hi, Snoopy!" Me having fun in the gift shop, Santa Rosa.

  snoopy II

Christopher doing the same.

  rest stop

Stained glass window in Snoopy's Gift Shop, Santa Rosa.


Prior to taking off on Route 101 North, we stopped by Santa Rosa's lovely old railroad square.
I'm the one on the left: with the Charlie Brown and Snoopy statue.

  rest stop

Stopped at a rest stop with great old trees and a bucolic little stream flowing parallel to the highway. To these native Arizonans, this was paradise!
The afternoon sun streams through a rest stop off highway 101, North of Willits.


Closeup of moss on a stump at the 101 rest stop.