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The Abdominal Engorgement Sojourn

Happy Thanksgiving. Every time I get in the kitchen with my otherwise lovely spouse, thoughts of Phil Hartman’s Anal Retentive Chef from Saturday Night Live come to mind. I showed that Hulu clip to Christopher. His only comment was that Hartman’s waste disposal technique needed fine tuning. Hmm. I’m going to spend the holiday cooking with this guy!

Our second clip is the introduction to the Carpenters’ 1978 Space Encounters TV special. I’ve always wanted to see this one. From the Wikipedia page:

Space Encounters begins with Richard and Karen Carpenter performing “Sweet, Sweet Smile” in their recording studio, assisted by Charlie Callas. As they are performing, we see that they are being observed by the occupants of an alien spaceship (John Davidson and Suzanne Somers) who are on their way to Earth to meet The Carpenters. After Richard and Karen finish the song, the lights in the studio begin to flicker uncontrollably and musical instruments begin to move and play by themselves. At that moment, John teleports down to the studio and tells Richard and Karen how the people from his planet lack the ability to make music and he requests their help. Richard and Karen tell John about their earlier days in music and John uses his hi-tech pocket video screen to show The Carpenters performing “Fun Fun Fun” and “Dancing In The Street”. After watching them, John tells them he wants to try singing himself and teleports to a more romantic setting to perform “Just The Way You Are”.

And that’s only the beginning! The entire special is on YouTube, separated into eight parts. Something to keep in mind on Thursday while fighting post-turkey sleepiness.

Go, Betty, Go!

Maybe it’s the Snickers commercial on the Super Bowl, but it seems like Betty White is everywhere these days. Now she’s the subject of a massive fan campaign on Facebook to get her to host Saturday Night Live (I happily joined this group — invited by, oddly enough, actress June Lockhart). NPR’s Linda Holmes makes a compelling case that it’s in SNL’s best interest to land Betty that hosting gig.