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You’re Turning Violet, Violet!

Doing some tweaking on the site design and decided to go all purple and violet with the color scheme. We also have a cleaner, sharper version of the header graphic. These colors come from the “eggplant” section of Adobe Illustrator’s vegetable color palette; I plan to keep it this way for a year before switching the colors out again.

Another thing I have to look into eventually is finding a wider WordPress template. Having 500 pixels width for weblog entries used to be a great luxury, but now my weblog is starting to feel like Kate Moss in a world full of Kirstie Alleys. Skinny! Ideally I’d like to keep the current design, just rejigger the content area to add an extra 25% of girth. Having no talent for rejiggering things, however, this could be an insurmountable challenge.

Ten Years a Scrubbling Fool


A milestone: this week marks the tenth anniversary that I’ve been doing this weblog. It’s hard to believe a whole decade has passed since setting up a Blogger account so I could have a more dynamic element on my little site — complete with impenetrable web address containing a tilde (the domain name would come a few months later). Although as of summer 2000 I had already been doing a monthly music review site (coded by hand!), this new venture opened up a completely new world. Before, the web felt one dimensional; after, it was a veritable lovefest of sharing, discussing, giving and receiving. All these years later, it still astonishes me that anyone would be interested in my ramblings on whatever crappy movie/book/album comes my way.

So, here’s to ten years of the bl*g! To celebrate, here are some links to other bloggers’ tenth birthday posts:

Related: Eight Years of (highlights reel); Seven Years of Unpigeonholable Tomfoolery (a look at the Scrubbles logos from 2000-07).

Experiment, Refresh, Repeat

The redesign continues … after a lot of trial and tribulation, the layout is now the way I originally envisioned it to be. Unfortunately, the header looks a bit lost — downright illegible, even — amid the background pattern. Back to Photoshop for more tweaks. The final design will be here, eventually.

There’s also the cross-platform issue. Although this page looks fine ‘n dandy in Safari and Firefox on my Mac, I’ve noticed that viewing it with Internet Explorer on Windows seriously screws with the layout. Apparently it displays just a header and a footer with nothing in between. This might be an issue only with older versions of IE or Windows. PC users, can you give me any feedback on how the site looks on your end?