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A Mix with Room for Cream


Dark Roast: Winter 15 Mix came about as a result of listening to a lot of stimulating yet unobtrusive music while writing reviews. Finding the perfect music for that situation entails lots of things – either no singing or non-English vocals, strong melodies, upbeat vibes, jazz modulations that don’t often delve into indulgent noodling. Most often than not it leads to ’60s Brazilian music and Bossa Nova-inspired stuff, whether it’s American lounge or groovy Italian soundtracks. The 61-minute program on Dark Roast reminds me of waking up with a nice cup of coffee, ready to get to work.

Listen to Dark Roast at Mixcloud, or via the handy player below:

Dark Roast: Winter 2015 Mix by 4colorcowboy on Mixcloud

A Summer Mix: I Just Want To Be Your Friend

This sweet, sticky summer mix has been in the planning for several weeks now, but it seems appropriate to post it today in honor of International Friendship Day. I Just Want To Be Your Friend started out as just another group of songs from albums gotten recently, but the theme kinda grew out of it after noticing that there was more than one “friend” song in the playlist. The mix has a lot of melodic, happy pop (several of which came from CDs bought at the local Goodwill store) which I grouped together in pairs or threes with similar feels. For instance, the 1982 Soft Rock gem “Don’t Talk” by Larry Lee is paired with a tune by Julian Velard, a current musician whose upbeat style draws heavily from the time when the Atari 2600 was hot.

This was a blast to put together and I hope you enjoy it. Bert and Ernie were a no-brainer to feature on the mix cover. By the way, this and the previous three mixes have been uploaded to SendSpace as permanent files. Feel free to check them all out as well:

The download version below is a continuous mix, done as a single 74-minute file. Enjoy the tuneage!

Download I Just Want To Be Your Friend: Summer 2012 Mix (64.5 MB Zip file)

Track listing:
1. Electric Light Orchestra — “Confusion” (Discovery, 1979)
2. The Shins — “Simple Song” (Port Of Morrow, 2012)
3. Sambassadeur — “Days” (European, 2010)
4. The School — “Where Does Your Heart Belong?” (Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything, 2012)
5. Mayer Hawthorne — “Dreaming” (How Do You Do, 2011)
6. Nick DeCaro — “Getting Mighty Crowded” (Italian Graffiti, 1974)
7. Phyllis Hyman — “This Feeling Must Be Love” (You Know How To Love Me, 1979)
8. Howard Melvin & The Blue Notes — “Where Are All My Friends” (To Be True, 1974)
9. Larry Lee — “Don’t Talk” (Marooned, 1982)
10. Julian Velard — “No Wrong” (Mr. Saturday Night, 2011)
11. Acid House Kings — “Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends?” (Music Sounds Better With You, 2011)
12. The Primitives — “Panic” (Echoes And Rhymes, 2012)
13. Linda Lloyd — “I’m Gonna Love That Guy (Like He’s Never Been Loved Before)” (Columbia single, 1964)
14. Jackie DeShannon — “Oh, Boy!” (Breakin’ It Up With The Beatles On Tour, 1964)
15. The Paris Sisters — “All Through The Night” (Gregmark single b-side, 1961)
16. Elvis Presley — “Guitar Man” (Clambake soundtrack, 1967)
17. Punch — “Peace Of Mind” (Punch, 1969)
18. Liz Damon’s Orient Express — “Walkin’ Backwards Down The Road” (Try A Little Tenderness, 1971)
19. The Brady Bunch — “I Just Want To Be Your Friend” (Meet The Brady Bunch, 1972)
20. Ben Folds — “Learn To Live With What You Are” (Supersunnyspeedgraphic EP, 2003)
21. Diana Lee and Jerry Whitman — “I Might Frighten Her Away” (Lost Horizon soundtrack, 1973)
22/23. Bobbie Gentry – “Jessye’ Lisabeth/Refractions” (The Delta Sweete, 1968)
24. Diana Ross – “When We Grow Up” (Free To Be… You And Me soundtrack, 1972)
25. Pearl Bailey – “Best Of Friends” (The Fox And The Hound soundtrack, 1981)
26. Burt Bacharach – “Where Knowledge Ends, Faith Begins” (early ’70s demo recording for Lost Horizon soundtrack)
27. The Tokens – “Some People Sleep” (Both Sides Now, 1970)

A Fall Mix: Cheap, Painless & Easy

Time for the Fall 2011 Mix! I put together this one relatively quickly. The mix has some good flow, veering from current stuff to ’90s dance to kiddie music to ’80s pop and oldies in an interesting way. I called it Cheap, Painless & Easy (named after an older tune by retro pop band Ivy) since most of the tracks were obtained for free or next to nothing at various places —, eMusic, Bittorrent (hey, I didn’t say it was all legal). Some of it comes from old favorites with new (to me) songs, others came from various things I was fascinated by lately. Last month, for instance, I found that eMusic had most of the Sesame Street discography — including track #11 in this mix, “My Name.” I wonder if Eminem heard that one as a child? The cover art comes from my Jim Flora thrift store find, Pishtosh, Bullwash and Wimple.

That new album by Ivy, All Hours, is excellent by the way. The download version below is a continuous mix, done as a single 70-minute file. Enjoy the tuneage!

Download ‘Cheap, Painless & Easy: Fall 2011 Mix (66.93 MB Zip file)

Track listing:
1. Neon Indian — “Polish Girl” (Era Extraña, 2011)
2. Herb Alpert — “Beyond” (Beyond, 1980)
3. Cliff Martinez — “They’re Calling My Flight” (Contagion soundtrack, 2011)
4. Lady Gaga — “Fashion of His Love” (Born This Way bonus track, 2011)
5. Frankmuzik — “Ludicrous” (Do It in the AM, 2011)
6. Pet Shop Boys — “Flamboyant” (PopArt: The Hits, 2003)
7. Still Corners — “Endless Summer” (Cuckoo EP, 2011)
8. Ivy — “Everybody Knows” (All Hours, 2011)
9. Sarah Cracknell — “Taking Off for France” (Lipslide UK edition, 1997)
10. Madonna — “Deeper and Deeper (Instrumental)” (single b-side, 1992)
11. Bob, Gordon, Maria and Susan — “My Name” (Sesame Street: Aren’t You Glad You’re You?, 1977)
12. Bobby Caldwell — “All of My Love” (Carry On, 1983)
13. Melissa Manchester — “The End of the Affair” (Emergency, 1983)
14. Ben Rector — “Let the Good Times Roll” (Something Like This, 2011)
15. The Monkees — “Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears” (1966 outtake first issued on Missing Links, 1987)
16. The Mamas & The Papas — “You Baby” (If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears, 1966)
17. Matthew Sweet — “She Walks the Night” (Modern Art, 2011)
18. Baby Washington — “I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face” (single a-side, 1964)
19. Dusty Springfield — “Small Town Girl” (The Look Of Love, 1967)
20. Johnny Crawford — “Cry On My Shoulder” (single a-side, 1963)

A Summer Mix: Plastic Fantastic

Hot and sticky nights require the perfect soundtrack. How about Plastic Fantastic, the Summer 2011 Mix?

I originally intended this mix to center around synth-based New Wave and contemporary songs with a similar, programmed-by-robots feel. It did end up that way for the first half, but the rest is more of the retro-lounge and soul that typifies my other mixes. Regarding the pleasantly purple cover design, the main image of Mr. and Mrs. Plastic comes from a manilla folder full of photocopied old magazine ads that I’ve had sitting in my files for 20-odd years. As the tenth anniversary mix, Plastic Fantastic is also something of a milestone. When I did the Is There A Stain On Mai Tai? mix in Summer 2001, I had no idea they’d still be going a decade later. Time flies!

As with our Spring Good Thing mix, Plastic Fantastic is presented as a continuous hour-plus mix. Track listing is below, with YouTube links where I could find them. Enjoy!

Download ‘Plastic Fantastic: Summer 2011 Mix’.

Track Listing:
1. Chic – “Le Freak” (Z-Trip Golden Mix) (The Disco Breaks Mega Mix, 2010)
2. Oú Est Le Swimming Pool – “Dance The Way I Feel” (single, 2009)
3. Daft Punk – “Derezzed” (Tron: Legacy soundtrack, 2010)
4. Plastics – “Top Secret Man” (Welcome Plastics, 1979)
5. The B-52’s – “52 Girls” (The B-52’s, 1979)
6. Devo – “Come Back Jonee” (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, 1978)
7. The Buggles – “Clean, Clean” (The Age Of Plastic, 1980)
8. Talking Heads – “Air” (Fear Of Music, 1979)
9. Lipps, Inc. – “Rock It” (7″ edit of a track from Mouth To Mouth, 1980)
10. Janelle Monáe ft. Of Montreal – “Make The Bus” (The ArchAndroid, 2010)
11. Lío – “Suite Sixtine” (Suite Sixtine, 1982)
12. De-Phazz – “Something Special” (Death By Chocolate, 2001)
13. Tipsy – “Big Business” (Buzzz, 2008)
14. Arling & Cameron & Swarte – “Jealousie” (Sound Shopping, 2001)
15. Fitz & The Tantrums – “Don’t Gotta Work It Out” (Songs For A Break Up: Vol. 1 EP, 2009)
16. Noisettes – “So Complicated” (Wild Young Hearts, 2009)
17. Sheryl Crow – “Summer Day” (100 Miles From Memphis, 2010)
18. Adele – “He Won’t Go” (21, 2011)
19. Sade – “When Am I Going To Make A Living” (Diamond Life, 1984)
20. Peter White ft. Basia – “Just Another Day” (Caravan Of Dreams, 1996)
21. Marshall Crenshaw – “Starless Summer Sky” (Miracle Of Science, 1996)

This Mix Is a Good Thing

As the showers fall and the flowers bloom, only one thing comes to my mind — making a mix! I haven’t done an official seasonal mix since Winter 2009, too long. Good Thing assembles some of the music that yours truly has gotten into in the past 18 months. Much of it has a bright, Spring-y feel. There’s lots of synth pop, some ’80s-’90s faves, a few Japanese artists. As usual, it was put together with an ear for how well the songs flow together. It’s kind of amazing how similar something like Robyn’s “Hang With Me” can sound next to the Pet Shop Boys-produced Dusty Springfield gem “I Want to Stay Here” from 20 years earlier.

For the cover art, I used a detail from a Pollyanna LitKids print that was used to test paint colors. Very cute, and hopefully it will draw new customers to the store. Am I obnoxious, or what?

Anyhow, the mix is presented below as single mp3 file with the songs’ starts and endings segueing together. Additionally there is a track listing with links to YouTube videos of some tunes. Enjoy!

Download ‘Good Thing: Spring 2011 Mix’.



Track Listing:
1. Saint Etienne — “A Good Thing” (Tales from Turnpike House, 2005)
2. Amiel — “This Way, That Way” (Accidents by Design, 2004)
3. Erasure — “Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)” (Other People’s Songs, 2003)
4. Röyksopp — “Happy Up Here” (Junior, 2009)
5. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark — “Save Me” (History of Modern, 2010)
6. Robyn — “Hang with Me” (Body Talk, 2010)
7. Dusty Springfield — “I Want to Stay Here” (Reputation, 1990)
8. Tina Turner — “Confidential” (Wildest Dreams, 1996)
9. Pet Shop Boys — “To Step Aside” (Bilingual, 1996)
10. The Buggles — “I Am a Camera (12″ Mix)” (remix of a track from Adventures in Modern Recording, 1981)
11. Nokko — “Call Me Nightlife” (Call Me Nightlife, 1993)
12. Masami Okui — “Round Dance Revolution” (La Fillette Revolutionnaire Utena soundtrack, 1997)
13. Mari Atsumi — “Suki Yo Ai Shite” (1970 Japanese single, compiled on Nippon Girls CD)
14. The Paris Sisters — “Long After Tonight Is All Over” (Sing Everything Under the Sun, 1967)
15. Eliza Doolittle — “Pack Up” (Eliza Doolittle, 2010)
16. Konishi Yashuharu & Pizzicato Five — “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” (Readymade Digs Disney, 2003)
17. Soulsister — “The Way to Your Heart” (It Takes Two, 1988)
18. Patti Austin — “Every Home Should Have One” (remix of a track from Every Home Should Have One, 1982)
19. George Benson — “Inside Love (So Personal)” (In Your Eyes, 1983)
20. Boy Meets Girl — “No Apologies” (Reel Life, 1988)
21. Duffy — “Keeping My Baby” (Endlessly, 2010)

Young, Gifted & Baroque

It’s finally done! The Autumn mix, Young Gifted & Baroque, grew out of my fascination with Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade music. As even Disney neophytes know, the parade’s twinkly theme was appropriated from “Baroque Hoedown” — a song composed by French electronica pioneers Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley for their 1967 LP Kaleidoscopic Vibrations. Ten years later, musicians Don Dorsey and Jack Wagner lengthened the song and incorporated (rather ingeniously, I think) melodies from classic Disney films to create an unforgettable soundtrack. According to the song’s Wikipedia entry, Jean-Jacques Perrey didn’t even know Disney was using his song until he chanced upon the parade during a 1980 visit to Disneyland!

This mix contains Perrey & Kingsley’s original and a bunch of other goodies. It culminates with an official 2001 remix of the Main Street Electrical Parade theme with campy voice-overs from Alice In Wonderland‘s Alice and Pete’s Dragon‘s Pete. Other versions include They Might Be Giants’ frenetic cover, a delicate rendition by harpsichordist Sumina Arihashi, a dance remix by Konishi Yashiharu and Pizzicato Five, and an orchestral arrangement used as mood music in the Disney theme parks. I’ve also filled out the mix with various tunes I dig that have a funky “amusement park” vibe (please note: the mix is one long 72-minute mp3 file with the songs slightly blending into each other). Enjoy.

Download ‘Young, Gifted & Baroque: Autumn 2008 Mix’

Young Gifted & Baroque - front

Young Gifted & Baroque - track listing