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Seasons Greetings from CBS

An elegant animated holiday message from CBS, designed by famed illustrator R.O. Blechman. This is from 1966, folks. Can you imagine today’s “grab ’em by the eyeballs” TV network marketers doing something this simple and unassuming? Neither can I.

John Strejan Update

Remember that groovy Lady Godiva painting I posted about a couple of months ago? Shortly after acquiring it, I was having some difficulty finding any info on the painting or its creator, John Strejan. After posting a photo of the art on flickr, I heard from Strejan’s nephew. He confirmed that the painting was indeed by his uncle, painted in the ’60s before he became well-known as a pop-up book artist. Furthermore, he shared photos of four other paintings from the same period!



Love these. Mr. Strejan must have had a thing for full-figured gals.