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Dumpster Diving Monday

We came across a box of dozens of DVDs one of our neighbors tossed in the trash yesterday. The people who owned them decided to keep the movies themselves and trash everything else, including those supplementary bonus discs filled with “making of” featurettes. We ended up taking the discs, separating the packaging from the inserts, and depositing the rest in our alley’s (usually empty) recycle bin. It was mostly bonus material from Spider Man 2 and the like, but we did get widescreen editions of Finding Nemo and E.T.: The Extraterrestrial. Apparently these neighbors didn’t favor the fancy-pants widescreen movies, either.

Really, why are people so wasteful? And why don’t they know about recycling? We’ve met at least two neighbors who were completely gobsmacked when told that the blue bin is for recycling. Sheesh.