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e-Book Covers, Anyone?

Christopher just published his third e-book in as many months — Forever and Other Stories. Like the other two books he published, News on the Home Front and The Life Line, I designed and illustrated the covers. e-Book cover designing is something I’ve thrown myself into in the past few months (thanks to C). In addition to these three, there are two other book covers (not Christopher’s) that I’ve done which haven’t published yet. It’s fun, and I enjoy the challenge of doing something different every time. With Forever, I took a heap of inspiration from vintage Penguin book covers from the ’60s and ’70s. Instead of a penguin, however, I used a deer since many of C’s stories involve deer. The hand illustration was something C. and I discussed after he told me the brief on one of the stories in the collection. The silhouetted hand was his idea; while he wanted it to look like Saul Bass’ Man with the Golden Arm poster, I ended up tweaking the artwork so it wasn’t so obviously derivative of someone else’s work. I was thinking about overlaying a distressed paper texture on top, but in the end the design is more eye-catching with the solid, flat colors and no manipulation.

With my print design business hitting a lull, I’m hoping these e-book covers will get others interested in hiring me (I already got one job from a non-relative – yay!). My portfolio includes the first two covers; I will include more soon. Should anybody out there know someone who needs a book cover design, please don’t hesitate to contact me at designer (!at!)

Here’s another incentive to read Forever — On his weblog, Christopher has a deal where you can download the e-book for free. Take a look, and dig that fabulous cover design!