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Learning About Art & Design, 1960 Style

Another swellerific Flickr set – filler cartoons from the index and dictionary of the Famous Artists course, 1960 edition. This particular copy I came across had the student’s name embossed on the cover… which kinda makes me wonder if Alita Knowlton got a chuckle or two from these little gags.

While the book doesn’t credit the artist who did these cartoons, they’re pretty wonderful. I scanned all 30 or so of them for the Flickr set; some highlights are below.

Fun with Capitalism

Here’s something that might be a fond childhood memory for board members at AIG or Goldman Sachs — Going Places is a primer on good ‘ol American economics produced by John Sutherland Productions in 1948. The animation and music is appealing throughout, enough to make me want to check out more Sutherland cartoons from back then (p.s. appropos of nothing, I found this on YouTube while looking for the Heather Locklear sitcom of the same name). Cute ‘n perky!

ABC’s Funshine Saturday

A fun promo film for ABC’s Fall 1974 daytime and Saturday morning lineup includes shows familiar (The Brady Bunch, already a rerun staple mere months after getting cancelled in prime time) and unfamiliar (The Girl in My Life). That animated gumball machine on the ABC Afterschool Special elicits a real deja vu feeling here!

Have a Happy Pappy

Merry Christmas 1930s style, courtesy of the Max Fleischer Color Classic Christmas Comes But Once a Year. This one stars Betty Boop’s gadget makin’ pal Pappy. The cartoon’s climax sports a 3D background that must’ve looked great in 1936:

And look at the very end — the 1936 Christmas seal!