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Flickr Friday: The Secret Hiding Place

Since I no longer have the webcomic occupying my time, I’m going to introduce a new feature here called Flickr Fridays. Each week, I’ll share an image or more that’s been added to my Flickr photostream. I have a lot of “catch up” work to do with my flickr, anyhow, so we’re not in danger of running out of material.

What do we have for today? Recently I went back to my parents’ home and came across a bunch of dog-eared old books that I loved as a kid. One of them, I vaguely recall, had a family of hippos and a lion. It was called The Secret Hiding Place, written and illustrated by Rainey Bennett and published in 1960. Here’s the cover:

This was an old library book, which holds its own potential for surprises. Like this sticker on the title page:

“Please wash your hands before you read me and keep me clean” — sound advice, then and now! As with most of my childhood books, I don’t remember the stories so much as the pictures. This particular book had a nice, loose drawing style with the animals rendered in black ink, surrounded by wispy watercolor clouds printed in red, blue and yellow. The book is now very yellowed and old, but the scan below captures some of the colors:

I remember one part in the book where the little hippo hides in the cave and is totally black. This kinda freaked me out as a youngster. Turn the page, quick!

I will be sharing more childhood books (and other stuff) in future installments of Flickr Fridays. Thanks for readin’!

Good Humor Man

On the occasion of his dad’s 80th birthday, illustrator Drew Friedman shares a batch of vintage book covers from the man in question, Bruce Jay Friedman. I remember enjoying the elder Friedman’s The Lonely Guy’s Book Of Life in college, and I’ve always been a fan of Drew’s stippled portraits of borscht belt comedians and b-movie actors of yore (and now we’re Facebook friends!). It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the two were related. Happy birthday.