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Betty Boop in So Does An Automobile (1939)

With my Flick Clique post yesterday, I (once again) forgot to mention that I’ve taken to having certain movies preceded with a vintage cartoon from the same year the movie was released. For Greta Garbo in Ninotchka, I selected the late-period Betty Boop So Does An Automobile. At this point Betty was redesigned to have more human proportions, and she’s considerably less saucy than in her early ’30s efforts. It’s still a charmer, however, with lots of the jazzy anthropomorphic gags that Max and Dave Fleischer were famous for.

Little King in Cartoonland

1930s comics star The Little King befriends two hobos in Christmas Night (1933). We recently saw this via Netflix stream as part of the Cartoons That Time Forgot: Van Beuren Studios collection. It’s strange and not too terribly holiday-esque, but cute all the same:

How about some more animated Little King? Here he is three years later with a much more fondly remembered cartoon star, in Betty Boop and the Little King. Onscreen, he’s a bit vague; cartoonist Otto Soglow bestowed the character and his strip with an Art Deco panache that was more appropriate for the newspaper comics page than the cinema. Can’t blame ’em for trying, however.

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