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Ingénue Times Two

Last night I got reacquainted with a compilation from 1980s Europop princess Lío and thought I’d share a few of her vintage videos here. I’d say her music is like a French version of Madonna’s stuff from that period, very strident and “of its time” but completely irresistible. The gorgeous “Mona Lisa” comes from her 1982 album Suite Sixtine. The song’s lush and romantic production came courtesy of Ron and Russell Mael, better known as New Wave duo Sparks.

And here is Lío looking her jailbaitiest while singing 1980’s “Amoureux Solitaire” from a hammock. This synth-driven gem must have been one of her biggest hits in Europe, since there are five or six different performances of this song on YouTube. Lío’s hit streak continued all the way through 1991, after which she turned to acting. Apparently she now earns her Euros as one of the judges on the French edition of American Idol. C’est la vie, as they’d say over there.

Las Vegas in 1983 on Flickr

Just uploaded to flickr: 33 photos of Las Vegas I shot in 1983. I was thirteen and went there on a business trip with my dad. Most of these photos were shot via the family 35mm camera by myself, wandering the strip at night. It’s kind of a wonder that I wasn’t mugged or anything. The photos are of a very old time, unpretentious (and nearly empty) side of Vegas that is completely different from what you’d find in the same place 27 years on. Check it out.


1939, Via 1987

Today’s video is part one of the “making of Gone with the Wind” installment of ABC’s short-lived newsmagazine, Our World. Man, I loved this show. Anchored by Linda Ellerbee and Ray Gandolf, each episode examined the events of a single year in American history. I recall that the show was critically acclaimed, but ABC gave it a death sentence by scheduling it opposite mega-hit The Cosby Show. It limped along through the 1986-87 season before getting the axe. Stupid ABC.

Somebody on YouTube posted the entire 1939/Gone with the Wind show, so at least we have that to be thankful for.

Feels So Good

Today we have “You Make Me Feel So Good,” a vintage video from Philadelphia’s greatest boy-girl alternapop group, Book Of Love. I casually enjoyed Book Of Love during their ’80s heyday, but never really got into them until their Best-Of collection came out in 2001. They pretty much epitomize how fun and effortless intelligent ’80s pop can be, and continue to be one of the more underrated artists from that period. I also ordered a copy of their 1991 opus Candy Carol today, so you’ll have that writeup to look forward to. In the meantime, let’s bop. Holy Hooters, is that a melodica solo in the middle of this tune?