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Gruesome Twosome: Avocado Funk Edition

_tonyhatch.jpg Tony Hatch: “Return to the Stars”
Pye Records UK single, 1976 | BUY

Alan Hawkshaw: “Mile High Swinger”
LP: Themes: Synthesizer and Percussion, 1974

I’m getting my groove together and takin’ it on the road with these two mildly funky instrumentals from the U.K. “Return to the Stars” finds Tony Hatch mixing synths and strings with a breezy soulfulness would soon manifest itself as Disco — kinda cheesy but really great. Alan Hawkshaw’s effort comes from the library music compilation Cinemaphonic: Soul Punch, another sophisticated groove totally evocative of the ’70s ... stick your blowout comb in your back pocket and go.


Thanks for an Alan Hawkshaw song I had not heard. I have a CD of his called "Mo'Hawk (The essential vibes and grooves 1967 - 1975". Some of it is just so familiar you know it was featured on some Quinn Martin show. It is available on Amazon. I could also upload it briefly for you if you send an email. Keep up the good work on the site!

Glad you enjoyed it!


I replied to your email, but it keeps getting bounced by your spamcop - I guess it doesn't like gmail.

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