Go to the neighborhood immediately East of Indian Canyon Drive and South of Racquet Club Road and you'll find an enclave of understated, modern Bob Alexander homes . These were originally middle- and lower- class tract houses - typified by simple construction, exposed ceilings, and widely sloping rooflines. Unfortunately, many of them have been "updated" over the years by various clueless owners who believed a thick coating of stucco and a plugged-up courtyard would beautify their homes. Yuck. Look closely, however, and you'll find a few pristine, beautifully restored homes like the one pictured above.

By coincidence, the house pictured at left was on the market - and the realtor happened to be there as we were driving by. We stopped the car and the realtor allowed us to look around. Once inside, I could picture the thrill new home buyers must have felt in the 50s and early 60s.


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