Sun ... Palms ... Cool Architecture

My first impressions of Palm Springs? I was amazed at how small the town is. The older, central part of Palm Springs encompasses less than 3 miles along historic Palm Canyon Drive. All of it can be taken in with a short walk. And everywhere you looked, there were prime examples modern architecture from the '50s and '60s - textured bricks, white stucco, angular forms and sleek, glassy expanses. A city frozen in the Kennedy era.

I took pictures of some of the more notable structures and assembled them on this site. Hope you like it. - Matt

1. Frey Gas Station/Palm Springs Tramway

2. U.S. Steel Houses

3. Bob Alexander Homes

4. Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood

5. Downtown

6. Palm Springs City Hall

7. Bank Junction

8. Ship of the Desert/South Neighborhoods


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