Shopping, anyone? How about a night on the town, or a lodge party?

If this sounds attractive, get a load of "Campus Cuties", eight plastic toy figurines introduced by Louis Marx & Co. in 1964. Whether they were a hit with little girls back then is unclear, but they now stand as an intriguing window into an idealized version of early '60s womanhood. Perky and independent, these gals are a little dated (no working women here, alas), and apparently there was no room on this "campus" for studying. Still, they have loads of style, sparked with a touch of Playboy-style sensuality.

The first thing that struck me about "Campus Cuties" was how incredibly stylized they are. Given their vertically stretched appearance, they look like a cross between Barbie and a Giacometti sculpture. Having admired them for years, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the whole set at once. And now you can see them on this new website created just for them. Enjoy!