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Big Fat Link Log 3

Clown SketchWe’re nearing the end August. Do you know what that means? Sticky thighs and melting ice cream? Yeah, that — and it’s also time for an update to the annual list of the weblogs I’ve been reading. It just keeps growing and growing, which is another reason why I prefer to keep this thing on a single entry as opposed to taking up lots of room on a sidebar. The starred new additions are not exactly new (even for me), but they are some of the weblogs that have caught my eye over the past year or so. To them and all the other hard-working bloggers on this list, thank you.

2719 Hyperion | * A Child Of Atom | A Joshua Tree In Every Pot | A List Of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago | A Sampler of Things | ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog | A.V. Club Blogs | * The Avant Garde Retard | Awful Plastic Surgery | Back of the Cereal Box | Bibi’s Box | The Blackwing Diaries | Bill Crider’s Pop Culture Magazine | Boing Boing | Bob Sassone | Book Covers Blog | * The Book Design Review | Booksteve’s Library | * Boom Pop! | Bostworld | Bradlands Must See HTTP:// | Brand New | Branded in the ’80s | Cardhouse | Cartoon Brew | * Cartoon Curio | * Cinebeats | * clydefro | Coudal Partners | Crack Skull Bob | Davelandblog | Design Observer | Designing Magazines | * Discover A World Of Sounds | The Disney Blog | Disney History | Drawn! | Dynagirl | * e=mcbrennan | Ephemera | * Evan Dorkin | Eye of the Goof | | * | Fimoculous | Folded Space | Friday Fishwrap | Gatotchy’s Blog | Ghost In The Machine | – The BLOG!!! | gmtPlus9 | * Grain Edit | | Hacking NetFlix | Hit or Miss | The Hits Just Keep on Comin’ | i like | In Black And White | * Ironic Sans | Irregular Orbit | Jinjur | Just Ask Christopher | * Kevin Kidney | | Lady Bunny Blog | Lileks The Bleat | Little Yellow Different | Lots of Co. | Malls of America | * Mark Simonson | Martin Klasch | Mimi Smartypants | mod*mom | * My So-Called Strife | Neato Coolville | News From Me | * Nintendo Wii Fanboy | The Other Andrew | Other Stream | Passport to Dreams Old & New | Patrick’s Journal | PCL LinkDump | Pop Culture Gadabout | Pop Culture Junk Mail | * Pop Culture Petri Dish | Posterwire | Push. Click. Touch. | Quiddity | * Randomopolis | RaShOmoN | Re-Imagineering | Robot Action Boy | Robot Johnny | * Secret Fun Blog | Self-Styled Siren | Snarky Malarkey | Something Old, Nothing New | Sore Eyes | Swapatorium | * swissmiss | * tikiranch | things magazine | This Justin | Thrilling Days of Yesteryear | Tim Lucas Video WatchBlog | The Tin Man | Tiny Pineapple | Today’s Inspiration | Tom the Dog’s You Know What I Like? | | TV Guidance | * Ultra Swank | Ultrasparky | UnBeige | Veer: The Skinny | Vince Keenan | Ward-O-Matic | | Web Goddess | WFMU’s Beware of the Blog | Wiley Wiggins | * The World Of Kane | | * Your Souvenir Guide

Boom Pop, Cool Beans!

Jeff Pepper of the wonderful 2719 Hyperion has started a new weblog to explore his interest in vintage pop culture of the non-Disney variety. Boom Pop! adheres closely to the 2719 Hyperion formula, which in this case is a good thing. It’s only ten days old and I already have it in my Bloglines feeds. Keep up the good work, Jeff!

The White Elephant in the Room

William at Robot Action Boy recently pointed out this second annual White Elephant Blogathon which sounds pretty cool. Participants select an awful (or sometimes good) movie, which another randomly selected blogger must view and do a writeup on. All of the blog posts will be published on April 1st. Hurry; deadline for participants is February 10th. Last year’s entries included things like Teen Witch, Nude for Satan and Bio-Dome. I am so gonna do this!

We’re Back

It looks like is up and running again and accepting comments. Carry on!!

Technical Difficulties (Again), Please Stand By

My weblog just got a mysterious WordPress glitch which is preventing comments from getting through. On the plus side it’s also blocking spam comments, but still it’s a major annoyance. I’m hoping to have the problem fixed within a few days until my web host can get back to me. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of a kitten under a Christmas tree (Ideals, 1968):

Thought-Provoking Weblogs

I was thrilled to find that Ivan at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear tagged me with a blogging meme — and for once it’s a good one (Ivan also had some sweet things to say about in his post). The basic jist of the meme is to select five “blogs that make you think” and write about each one. I’ve decided to narrow it down to weblogs done by an individual, and those individuals have no obligation to continue the meme. In no particular order:

1. 2719 Hyperion. I’m a theme park nut. Although I’ve never been to Walt Disney World, reading Jeff Pepper’s weblog and viewing his snapshots of the park’s less explored side is the next best thing to being there. Very insightful, too — check his recent post on the nostalgic pull of theme park music.

2. Today’s Inspiration. I’ll say it now — illustrator Leif Peng must possess the busiest scanner in the Western hemisphere! I love learning about unsung commercial artists from the ’50s and ’60s, and Leif is the perfect guide. His knowledge and personality elevates his weblog, so what easily could’ve been a simple “look what I found” thing is actually an invaluable resource.

3. Quiddity. I first came across Quiddity about 6 or 7 years ago and my interest has never waned. What amazes me about her stream of weird and wonderful links is that, where other blogs have wavered in quality over the years (present company included), she’s stayed exactly the same. Meggan is like the Energizer Bunny of bloggers — she keeps going and going!

4. Robot Action Boy. I’m happy to count “william in taiwan” among my online friends. He has an infectious way of sharing his interests in pinhole photography, weird Asian kiddie toys, kitschy ’70s music, and other stuff. And I think the fact that he never uses the “Shift” key on his keyboard adds to his weblog’s quirky charm.

5. Just Ask Christopher. I’m kind of biased on this — but Christopher never fails to post on some interesting topic I’d never known of, mostly in the science/nature arena. On the other hand, he can get wonderfully eclectic. In the past month he’s posted about actress Veronica Cartwright, the Hartford Circus Fire, the mysterious death of What’s My Line? panelist Dorothy Kilgallen, the dearth of local Simpsons/7-11 merchandise, and the Dewey Decimal System. Nice guy, too.