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Category Archives: Video

Moogs and Beer, a Heady Combination

I totally dig this old Schafer beer commercial with Edd Kalehoff noodling on a moog synthesizer. It’s the very personification of grooviness. Kalehoff composed the early Price Is Right showcase music, which probably explains why this commercial’s soundtrack has a familiar feel. The clip comes from the DVD for the stupifyingly boring 2004 documentary Moog.

Our next film is a late-’70s promotional clip with producer/synth pioneer Giorgio Moroder. Despite coming across like a pretentious twit in this film, I still find his music so fascinating, so evocative of coke snorting parties and Helmut Newton fashion shoots. As a matter of fact, I’m working on compiling a mix of some of Moroder’s more underrated ’80s productions (Melissa Manchester’s “Thief of Hearts”, anyone?). Check out the man’s voluminous discography here.

Lananeeneenoonoo’s Greatest Hit

Watched this one over the weekend and hoped it was on YouTube – and here it is. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders’ hilarious parody of Bananarama came from their 1988 Christmas special. The B-ladies get a savage treatment, but apparently they liked the skit so much that they put French and Saunders (along with actress Kathy Burke) in their “Help” video. Another ’80s-tastic bit from my fave UK comediennes.

Ladies in Waiting

Just spotted that DVD Savant has an item about Warner Home Video readying a series of Cult Camp Classics DVD boxes for a June 26th release. All four sets look tantalizingly good, but the one that had me really jazzed was the “Women In Peril” one containing latter-day vehicles for two aging movie queens (Joan Crawford in Trog and Lana Turner in The Big Cube, neither of which I’ve seen) and the excellent Women In Prison flick Caged. The latter is honestly not very campy, but its DVD release of this high-style Warner Brothers melodrama will be a welcome one. Eleanor Parker? Excellent. The lady who plays the quasi-lesbian prison guard? Also excellent (okay, maybe the movie’s got some camp).


Speaking of Women In Peril movies, I just had the “priviledge” of watching Lauren Bacall’s turn at the genre in her 1981 thriller/camp classic The Fan. For those with short memories, this is the one where she plays a famous stage actress stalked by an obsessed fan (played by Michael Biehn). Overall it’s pretty bad, but in a slick and watchable way that reminded me another trashy film from that same period — the Jodie Foster “teenagers gone wild” opus Foxes. Biehn’s murders raise more questions than answers (like, how could he get away with stabbing a guy in a crowded public pool?), and the whole thing lumbers along predictably. Bacall’s song and dance numbers at the climax are all laughably awful, like some dime store TV telethon thing. Of course, the audience in the movie cheers rapturously every time. Her fictional show deserves a fictional Tony Award for Best Unintentional Comedy.