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The Electric Light Orchestra/Animation Connection

Recently I bought one of the recently marked-down Simpsons DVD box sets at Amazon. Needing something else to qualify for freee Super Saver shipping, I tossed in a copy of The Essential Electric Light Orchestra. Now, this was a band that I liked as a kid. I can remember having my mom buy me a copy of “Turn to Stone” at the local record store when I was eight. A few years later I listened closely to “Hold On Tight” on my little clock radio, memorizing the lyrics (even the French parts!). But I never gave them much thought again until recently. What have I been missing? Teflon-perfect pop that puts me in a perpetually shiny, happy place, that’s what.

Great as that collection was, it didn’t have any of ELO’s hits from Xanadu soundtrack, so of course I had to buy that album at iTunes. Guilty pleasure much? I’m aware that Jeff Lynne would probably rather forget his involvement in this masterpiece of camp, but strangely enough the soundtrack LP caught him and Olivia Newton-John at their respective creative peaks. Hell, I even liked Olivia’s retro-’40s duet with a wobbly-sounding Gene Kelly. Here’s the animated “Don’t Walk Away” sequence from that movie, directed by Don Bluth in between his stint at Disney and his first feature film, The Secret of N.I.H.M.:

But wait, people, the Electric Light Orchestra animation fest doesn’t end there! Here’s a gem of an opening sequence made for Daicon IV, a Sci-Fi convention held in Osaka, Japan. The anime adventures of a sword-ridin’ Playboy bunny used ELO’s underrated 1981 single “Twilight” on its soundtrack (without Lynne’s permission apparently), to mind-blowing effect. Wow, just wow:

Ethel Smith’s Busy Fingers

Enjoy Ethel Smith performing her signature song “Tico Tico” in the Esther Williams musical Bathing Beauty (taken off an old VHS tape, apparently). I love Ethel Smith. There’s something about the combo of her hyperactive hands and the cheesy “roller rink” sounds emanating from her Hammond organ that is so weirdly compelling. I couldn’t locate any video of her doing “Blame It on the Samba” in the 1948 Disney film Melody Time, a proto-psychedelic whirl of live action and animation. Trust me, it’s wild. More on Ms. Smith, who died in 1996, can be found in this Cool & Strange Music Magazine profile.

Pieces of Eighties

You know how things that were normal and harmless 20+ years ago often appear so weird looking today? I got that in spades while browsing through YouTube user dcbatwing‘s collection of local station promos, demo reels and other video effluvia of the past. One such item is this neat demo reel that motion graphics company Atlantic produced in 1986. I vaguely remember some of this stuff, but it’s a mind blower to watch them edited together. One can only conclude that clients in the ’80s absolutely loved their shiny, chrome-y moving surfaces!

WJLA’s “So Good To Turn To” promo from 1982 is a cheezy delight. This particular one came from Washington D.C., but really it could’ve been anywhere. Wasn’t there a time when every local news station desperately tried to convey an image of cutesy family-friendliness? You can’t avoid the relentlessly cheery jingle which sounds as if it came from an ABC sitcom (“Also Starring John Schuck as Cranky Neighbor”).

Getting Gay with Kids Is Here

Another embedded video to share because I’m too lazy to write anything substantial, I know, but this one’s a real kitschy gem. Back in 1986, NBC celebrated its 60th anniversary with an all-star special which somehow escaped my notice back then. The clip below showcases Nell Carter, Bea Arthur and others (Punky Brewster!) singing “Family” from Dreamgirls. Now, read that last sentence again and tell me how terrifically gay that sounds. Then watch the clip and mourn a little that today’s TV networks would never in a million years do these glorious displays of outright earnestness. “We are a family, like a giant tree.” Yeah, right, until your series gets cancelled, bucko.

God Hates Reckless Drivers

You gotta love the internet these days, when you can read about something in a book and then turn around and check it out online. The book: Amid Amidi’s Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation. The film: Stop Driving Us Crazy from 1959. This jazzy short occupies the weird intersection where Christian values overlap with swank-ola ’50s aesthetics. Wild, man, wild.

Military Style Hare Cut

Happy Memorial Day. In honor of our fighting men and women, let’s watch Bugs Bunny, fat Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig shilling war bonds to the tune of Any Bonds Today? Because nothing says “patriotism” like Bugs doing an Al Jolson impersonation: