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Category Archives: Video

Mmmm … Chromey

Awesome! The music video for Justice’s “DVNO” might as well be a love letter to ’80s motion graphics. With all the animated neon lights and chrome surfaces on display, one can see the influence of stuff like the widely beloved HBO Feature Presentation intro, the Cannon Films logo, and … all of this demo reel.

Forever My Girl

Long, long ago I can remember seeing a clip on Entertainment Tonight of a teenage Paula Abdul frolicking in some godforsaken low-budget musical set in a high school cafeteria. She looked dorky, the song was dorky, and the kitsch gods were smiling down on me. Eighteen-odd years later, I revisited it — and, yeah, it’s still hilariously awful. Little did Paula know that she and her feather-haired Van Nuys classmates from Junior High School (1978) would live on through the courtesy of YouTube. The entire 39 minute featurette can be found there, but you can get all you need from the first two minutes of the clip below — with Paula croaking out “we’re gonna have a party” to her singing, dancing friends. Plays sort of like a hybrid of The ABC Afterschool Special and a bargain basement Grease, you know?

It’s All in the Game

Zack & WikiI still consider myself a gaming neophyte, but from reading the reviews at various sites I could tell that Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros Treasure looked like the kind of quirky, under-the-radar sort of thing that I might enjoy. Although the name leaves something to be desired (honestly, it felt embarassing asking the guy at Wal-Mart for “Zack & Wiki”), it’s actually a fun puzzler with a challenging edge that you’d never expect from looking at the game’s kiddie oriented cover art. In the game, you are a boy pirate named Zack who, with the help of an oddly hovering monkey named Wiki, journeys to various settings in order to piece together the golden treasure of the intimidating yet friendly pirate Barbaros (all the while avoiding the aminelike pirate queen and her purple-outfitted goons). OK, the story’s a bit lame, the characters are cardboard-thin, and Wiki’s Japanese schoolgirl voice is grating, but I tended to forget that while gaping at the lush visuals and background music. Did I mention that the game is weirdly Japanese in a way that I can’t put my finger on? As in when Zack is in the presence of other living things, you can wave the wiimote and Wiki turns into a bell (?) — transforming whatever animal you’re next to into an object (??) which may or may not be useful in your quest. Weird and cool at the same time! The video below pretty much echoes my feelings about this gem of a game. (buy at

TV, Kitty, TV

Today I take a respite from the holiday to share a byproduct of playing around with your new Christmas toys. Christopher got me my very own digital camera, one which even includes an option to record short movies. I turned the camera on and shot a pan from our TV set showing a Mercury Meltdown Revolution level, then to our agitated kitty Eero (who, in under four seconds, licks herself, gives me a quick stare, then leaps off the shelf she’s sitting on), then back to the TV. Then I uploaded the video … where the silent nine second clip is sure to join Star Wars Trumpet Solo in the pantheon of most cherished YouTube videos, I’m sure.

The Exciting Home of 1999, Today!

Strange and neat — 1999 A.D. is a 1967 industrial film projecting what family life in the future might be like. A fascinating, low budget version of the future that includes Wink Martindale, that is. I wish I could see the entire film, but right now we’ll have to make do with the three clips outlined below. Thanks to EPCOT Central for linking to the shopping segment.

  • The introduction, in which a woman sadly informs her son that she’s 42 years old. Then she writes the film’s title in sand with ominous music playing on the soundtrack.
  • In the second segment, shopping from home is as easy as selecting products displayed on a machine that suspiciously resembles the filmstrip viewers I used in the elementary school a.v. room circa 1979. In a nod to ’60s gender roles, the wife does the shopping while the husband (Martindale) monitors the household budget.
  • The third segment delves into the kitchen of the future. As usual meal selection and preparation is the wife’s job — but, hey, at least it’s all computerized!

Most Frugalicious Office Christmas Party Ever

This clip of the Promises, Promises cast performing “Turkey Lurkey Time” on The Ed Sullivan Show, circa 1968, has got to be the grooviest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Dig that energetic choreography! Michael Bennett was the greatest. Via Plastic Pumpkins, who correctly notes that “if you didn’t love and adore that number above everything else you have ever seen or heard in your entire life, then you hate America and you can just go straight to Hell. Thank you.”