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Category Archives: Video

Get Back, Loretta

For myself, a memorable Muppet Show moment came when Loretta Lynn sang “One’s On The Way” to a bunch of screaming babies. According to the invaluable Muppet Wiki, this was the first of several appearances for The Babies over the course of the show’s third through fifth seasons.
p.s. We’ve been watching the Season Three DVD set lately. I think it’s the best yet, tightly paced and full of muppety goodness; C. finds it the worst.

Potty Training

This commercial for the Mickey Mouse talking phone certainly ranks as a snarkworthy artifact from the ’80s. Namely because “Mickey come over for a potty” almost became the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” of its day:

Puppet Organization

What’s happening today? Gay and lesbian couples got married in California and the world didn’t stop turning. Cyd Charisse died. After a week of knob turning and button pushing, I’m still trying to figure out Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

What else? I’m bored. How about amusing ourselves with the opening credits from Madame’s Place? This was a fitfully funny sitcom starring a scary marionette and the bustier of the Landers sisters. Cory Feldman was also in it, but I don’t remember him as the kid next door:

Bunnies, Comic #8

Two Bunnies and a Duck has been updated with a strip paying tribute to the manga comics I look at all day. If that doesn’t elicit a giggle, how about an Onion news report touring a historic “Blockbuster” video store museum? (via Hacking Netflix)

Company Picnic

While viewing one of Shout! Factory’s Best of the Electric Company DVDs yesterday, a couple of clips stood out in a) unearthing tingly deja-vu feelings, and b) showcasing the often daring visual and musical cues the show took. These are both from episode #453, which first aired on January 15, 1975. The kinetic and colorful animated clip below, illustrating the word “house”, must have made a huge impression on my tiny mind. What strikes me most from an adult standpoint is the Mary Blairish look of the geometric shapes piling on top of each other — oh, and the soundtrack is quite groovy.

Our second clip visualizes the very ’70s concept of “right on”. I definitely remember singing along with this tune as a kid — and it does have a funky vibe and visual panache more in line with the Schoolhouse Rock shorts than The Electric Company. YouTube member NantoVision has assembled a lot of other excellent EC clips with informed commentary.

It’s Always Time for Flying Penguins

An April Fools joke from Terry Jones and the BBC: