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Laura Ingalls, Prairie Girl, at LitKids

I’ve added a new print at my LitKids etsy store — Laura Ingalls from the Little House on the Prairie books. This is the first time I’ve done a relatively recent character, and by “recent” I mean published in the 1930s. That means it’s not in the public domain, so hopefully the Laura Ingalls Wilder estate won’t sue. You never know with them prairie people, however. These prints have a lot of spray painted layers, with a final screen printed layer that came out a bit more blobby than usual. I’m slapping ten bucks on them and hoping for the best.

In other LitKids news, I’m happy to report that some of my prints will be available locally in a brick-and-mortar retail setting! Changing Hands, the legendary indie bookseller in the Phoenix area, will be selling matted and poly bagged versions of a few of my prints in a special display starting on October 20. They only took five prints (our Laura was among the rejected ones), but they look excellent packaged like this. Hopefully they’ll sell out those five and want more. Later on this month, I’m going to be shopping the prints around to other local retailers. Wish me luck.


It’s Pollyanna at LitKids

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on a new LitKids print — Pollyanna! This one came out pretty great. I love the design, the colors, the quality of the book pages. True, some of her balloon string didn’t come through the silk screen, but touches like that give these prints a nice handmade quality. A Pollyanna is a rather disparaging term for someone who is blindly optimistic, but it can be a positive thing, too. This is a piece for those who aren’t afraid to call themselves a Pollyanna.





New at LitKids – Heidi

Our favorite literary Swiss Miss, Heidi, makes her debut at LitKids this week. My first version of Heidi had her positioned over the seam where the two book pages overlap, which caused bleeding problems with the silk screening. That didn’t work out, so instead I moved the girl over to the right and put one of her pet goats (which figure prominently in the book) on the left. Cute!

This print is the last of the six designs I worked on before launching LitKids in April. Which character should I do next? So many possibilities, and it doesn’t even have to be a kid. Here’s the direct link to get a Heidi print.





Alice in Wonderland, and at LitKids

I’ve been working on getting a swell Alice In Wonderland print up at LitKids. This is a tough one — out of the 30 prints I’ve tried so far, only about eight are good quality and sellable. The combination of a complex illustration and our dry weather means that my silk screen is getting clogged earlier and the images are coming out faint. I might have to put LitKids on hold until our weather gets moister.

The ones that did come out are really nice, however. I love the interplay between my design and the tinted John Tenniel illustrations from the 1946 edition of Through the Looking Glass I used. Next step: getting it on the Etsy front page!




Treasure Island’s Jim Hawkins at LitKids

I spent the last few mornings doing up a run of neato keen-o Jim Hawkins of Treasure Island prints. These came out pretty nice; Christopher even told me they were the best yet. Although the drawing has thinner lines (meaning less likely to come out in the printing stage), the screen prints ended up having a quality where the figure looks like it’s fading into the page. I also tried a neat dot pattern for the background shape. The source book was a “Fireside Series For Boys” copy of Treasure Island that has a great antique quality. I swear the book must be at least 100 years old.

Come on and check it out at LitKids!



Huckleberry Finn at LitKids

Just listed a new LitKids print of Mark Twain’s indelible scamp Huckleberry Finn. Another nice one, although this particular one came out differently than I expected (don’t they all?). I originally planned to do this one in two silk screened layers, with a solid shape on the bottom and the drawing on top. Unfortunately, the seam where the book pages meet caused bleeding problems, and so I had to fall back on the old “spray paint through a stencil” technique used in the other two LitKids prints. This time I have a lighter color silk screened over a medium color field — an interesting, subtle effect that doesn’t come across too well in the photos below. Some of the earlier spray painted prints produced a gorgeous darker blue field with a dusty, speckled texture. Those look killer. Since most of the final prints have a solid medium blue background, that’s what is pictured in the shop.

There was also the matter of Huckleberry Finn containing the “n” word. Hmmm, I didn’t notice the text has lots of “n” words! I was able to catch some of the offending words and creatively cover them up with splashes of gold paint; I just hope we don’t wind up with a pissed off customer! My opinion is that quaint 1800s language set off by a modern drawing is part of what makes these prints unique, so if someone gets a print with an un-p.c. word or two consider it one of the extra special ones.