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When It’s Time to Change

Japanese Friendship Garden, Phoenix AZ 2012

Changes are afoot for this old weblog, as you can see with the minimalist re-design (big thanks to Kris for helping out!). is not going away any time soon, but the redesign is part of a larger effort not to place so much of my online identity on a made-up word that I came up with on a whim in July 2000. This has been brewing for awhile, but probably the tipping point was regularly searching for “Scrubbles” in Twitter and finding out about all the stupid, illiterate, vulgar people who used that word. If anything, is not stupid, illiterate or vulgar — so essentially Matt Hinrichs will be diversifying himself from his origins.

Not to fear, however — I will definitely keep going with thoughtful, long-form posts at least once a week. The weekly Flick Clique is going away, but I will make sure to periodically post on films that catch my eye (don’t forget to check out my DVD Talk reviews!). Mostly I’d like to use this space to get back to exploring design, illustration, retro kitsch and other stuff in more detail than would be contained in yer average tumblr post. It’ll be loads of fun, and I already have a swell book (a birthday gift to myself) that will be shared here shortly.

Like I said, the redesign is just part of a bigger re-branding project for me. It includes:

  • My new Matt Hinrichs Design & Illustration portfolio page, now at Cargo Collective. This replaces the self-hosted, old-style HTML site that I’ve hand-coded since ’bout 1996. While it still needs to have a few pieces added, the site looks nice and professional.
  • A Tumblr page with its own domain – 4 Color Cowboy. This is where I’ll be posting short daily stuff – images, videos, songs, whatever. I’ve long had an aversion to sites like Tumblr that are so damn passive, but I suppose this is a sign that I’ve finally joined the Borg. Surprisingly, Tumblr is a fun, fun place and their interface (unlike WordPress) is a breeze to set up and use.
  • My Scrubbles Twitter profile has been rechristened 4 Color Cowboy with a new profile design. Exciting, and a little nerve-wracking since there’s the possibility that my current followers will get confused and un-follow me. Since Twitter is more readily identified with their users’ real names, however, I’m not too fearful of that.
  • My Flickr user name has also been re-branded to 4 Color Cowboy, although the URLs for all the images remain the same.

New at LitKids: Treasure Island Edition No. 2 Print

Although I’ve been hella busy lately (p.s. – whatever happened to using the word “hella”), I have had a few spare moments to pull together this new, improved version of the LitKids print with Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island. I originally printed Jim as part of the original few LitKids in 2010, but the lines on the drawing ended up being too thin and as a result only a few decent prints came out of it. This newer version, re-drawn with more robust lines and printed in three colors, came out much nicer. I ran out of Treasure Island pages on this one, so some of them were printed with circa 1910 copies of Swiss Family Robinson and Aladdin.

The Jim Hawkins Edition 2 LitKids Print is only $12 at my Etsy shop.

44th Birthday Goodies

Today I turn 44, hooray! It’s an unwritten rule that the older you get, the longer amount of time you are allowed to have your birthday celebration. That in mind, we already did a lot of fun things already (like going to the amazing Musical Instrument Museum last week), so today was relatively low-key. Still, I did get some great stuff from the wonderful Christopher – he surprised me today with a Mad Magazine Super Special that I once mentioned enjoying as a kid, along with two Wii games, a framed Joyce Compton cigarette card, and a shiny metal business card holder adorned with a photo of Diana Ross & The Supremes. What a guy! The Blu Ray was a gift to myself from Criterion‘s recent half-off sale.

We also shared a slice of yummy berry cheesecake this afternoon.

Flickr Friday: Snoopy Music Box, 1971

This older Peanuts music box was a recent Goodwill find for $2.99. Honestly, the first time I saw this I thought it was nicely made piece of fan-made handicrafts, but apparently it was a real United Features Syndicate-licensed product. When Snoopy’s tail is pushed down, a bar of “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” plays and Woodstock eating from Snoopy’s bowl emerges from the doghouse’s door. The dog dish contains a slot for coins – yup, it’s a music box and bank in one! Christopher did a good job fixing the music box part.

This must have been among of the earliest Peanuts merchandise to feature Woodstock, who first appeared in 1967 as Snoopy’s bird pal and was given a name in 1970.

A Peek Into 1940

Jeepers! Have you visited the fascinating 1940 U.S. Census website yet? The government customarily makes the census information public after a 72-year waiting period, which is why we’re seeing the 1940 one now. I believe this particular one is the first instance where all of the records have been placed online for easy perusal.

I went there to check out what they had on our house, a brick bungalow here in downtown Phoenix originally built in 1927. When I first moved here in 1996, I was informed that it had been a rental for about ten years, and for the previous 50 years before that it had been occupied by the same woman who once worked at the elementary school located half a block away. A few years later, Christopher and I used vintage phone books (back then, phone books included listings by both name and address) at the library to check up on the various occupants of the house over the years, finding out that the home wasn’t built in 1932 as the realtor informed us. This 1940 census adds a few other intriguing details about the house. As we already knew, the house was occupied by the school teacher, a woman named Kathryn. What surprised us was that Kathryn is listed as living here with her parents, Emil and Minnie – AND another woman named Bernice, who is listed as a housekeeper (whether she tended to the folks in our house or someone else’s is unknown). That’s a lot of people living in a dwelling that was then less than 1,000 square feet big! Another mystery is that Kathryn, who was 35 at the time, is listed as having no job. Bernice was the only employed person in the house, having made a grand total of $40 in 1939.

Another interesting thing we uncovered in this census is that the house next door to us, which we’ve always referred to as the “lesbian house” for its long string of same-sex couple occupants, was occupied by two women in 1940. One is listed as the head of the household, while the other is listed as the “Partner.”

One More Day …

Flick Clique will be delayed until tomorrow … see you then!