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Horizontal Hold

Sometime yesterday afternoon, my computer went all wonky on me. After I restarted, the iMac’s desktop and Finder were unaccessible and everything was slow. Whenever something like this happens, you go through a panic and then you take stock of what you’d miss if everything on your hard drive had to go. It’s like undergoing the seven stages of grief, only stuck in the bargaining phase: “Okay, Mac, you can have all the iTunes purchases and mp3s as long as I can retrieve all the freelance projects I was too stupid to not back up.” Luckily I was able to successfully reinstall the operating system and all went well.

I’ll be back with a Gruesome Twosome tomorrow. In the meantime, pop over to Christopher’s and answer his query: What is the greatest invention of the 20th century — other than computers and anything related to computing?

What the Heck Does ‘Aud Lang Syne’ Mean, Anyhow?

newyr.jpgI have a dim memory of a childhood kindergarten class just before winter break, in which a classmate planned to ring in the new year by saying “[sad face] Goodbye, 1975. [cheery face] Hello, 1976!”

Personally, I wound down the old year by doing the only halfway competent thing I can: making a commemorative mix CD. Tonight, we are doing our usual staying inside with junk food plus an old movie — and perhaps if I’m still awake at midnight, I’ll say “Goodbye, 2005. Hello, 2006!” With appropriate facial expressions, of course.

Four or Five Days Ago

How was the holiday for you? Ours was nice, but kind of chaotic and eventful. I’m used to having a restful and worry-free Xmas. What happened?

Dead parakeet. Our beloved pet parakeet, Toby, died on Christmas Eve. The following morning, we buried her in the backyard underneath a favored feeder for the neighborhood birds. She was swaddled in the sheet that served as her cage cover and her favorite bell was next to her body. We had her for a good five years, with many memories. I’ll miss her chirping. One time, we got her this blue rope toy (pictured at right), which turned her into a crazed, humping, horny little bird. That toy didn’t last long!
Tangelos out the wazoo. We have a young tangelo tree, planted as a sapling about five years ago. It tentatively produced a few seedy, tasteless fruits last year, but as Fall came it became apparent that this was the tree’s breakthrough year. So now we have joined the ranks of Arizonans who have lots and lots of citrus in December. Want some?
Waffles and conversation. We did our usual Christmas day tradition of being over at my parents’ house with the family. It was nice, with lots of good talk over a waffle, egg, ham, and orange juice brunch. My older brother and his longtime girlfriend made an appearance for the first time. This was great, but also somewhat awkward (since I didn’t get them any gifts this year).
Too much stuff.As usual we got many gifts from the family: a food dehydrator, a train trip in Northern Arizona, a pepper grinder, coffee, hand-embroidered tea towels from my grandmother. I gave Christopher the fourth season of I Love Lucy, since he’s always been a fan of the Hollywood trip episodes. He gave me a trio of vintage items: a Flair magazine from 1950, a Joyce Compton autographed letter from her loopy “born again Christian” period, and a Disneyland souvenir floaty pen very similar to one I cherished as a child. I also received a beach scene DVD, the King Kong special edition, and The Polar Express (which looks overly sentimental and creepy as hell, but I’ll give it a shot). Given all that, we’ll have plenty of entertainment for our New Years custom of settling in with a movie and lots of sparkling apple cider.

Merry and Bright

Scrubbles is taking a short break over the holiday weekend. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to all and to all a good night.


Nepotism Alert

Just a note to say that my s.o. Christopher has launched his own weblog, Just Ask Christopher. Christopher is my own personal “Mr. Know It All”, so it’s no surprise that he decided to focus his weblog on sharing knowledge and giving advice. Make sure to go there and ask him lots of questions — so that he’ll never do a post about our cat again!

Notes and Comments

Weblog maintenance note: I installed a plugin called EmailWhitelister which catalogs regular commenters so their fine observations will instantly show up, instead of having to wait for my approval. I tested it on Safari and it seemed fine. On Mozilla, it goes through a weird behavior that makes it look like the comment disappeared while the page is hanging. The comment is saved, however — you need to hit “Post” only once, then reload the page in your browser and it shows up. I haven’t tested it yet on IE or Firefox for Windows.