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Kitty Eames c.1991-2006

We will be undergoing a bittersweet weekend, since we decided to euthanize our special cat this coming Monday. Christopher has the full story. I’ll miss you, Eames.

Casa Cucaracha

Below, an artist’s hastily drawn rendition of a quiet night at home with myself and Christopher:


Yes, the roaches have us by the balls. Happens like clockwork every year when the weather starts heating up. They only appear one of two at a time, but still. No matter how many preventative measures we throw at ’em, our otherwise lovely home never fails to get a new batch of the critters each Spring. We spray, set traps, plug up any holes that they might be coming though (all the while observing how many cracks and holes an 80 year old house can have), but they keep coming back. One night last week. we were watching TV in our dark living room. I could feel a feather-light itch on my one bare foot placed on the floor. We turned the lights on, and sure enough a roach was hiding under the couch. A special sort of roach who dared to scurry over my foot — ewww!!

roach-2.jpgThe only halfway gratifying thing to come out of all this is that, year by year, we appear to be winning the cockroach battle. Christopher has perfected a roach catching technique that only involves one plastic sandwich bag and a lot of courage. He catches the roach with the bag around his hand, seals the bag and suffocates it to death. Nice. (artist’s rendition of a dying roach at right)


Last week I added a “Buy My Crap at eBay” button to the front page sidebar. This is part of our ongoing Stuff Reduction Program to prepare me and Christopher for our someday move to Northern California.

Right now I’m liquidating several lots of Russel Wright dinnerware up at the low, low starting price of 99 cents each — including several swell ’50s melamine pieces. Yeah, I know that old plastic dishes constantly get a bad rap, but this is the really nice early stuff. Their unique shapes and spiffy pastel colors would look great in a retro-themed kitchen. And I’m selling them in groups — at 99 cents each! Great deal. Look for Home Decorators at the link.

Remembrance of Things Pastel

Have you ever thought of something fleeting from your childhood, then spent hours trying to track it down? For some ungodly reason, I recalled these cool in-house promos for some theater chain (AMC?) which I remember seeing in the late ’70s/early ’80s. It was animated with these spacey optical effects showing a guy in a movie seat. A re-recorded version of Steely Dan’s “Everyone’s Gone to the Movies” played on the soundtrack (an odd choice considering the lyrics). Alas, I can find nothing on the web about this — not even a peep from a fellow nostalgic weblogger. Anybody else remember this?

That also led me to try and find info on a Saturday Morning TV show I used to watch during the same period — a short-lived live action/animated show with some generic sounding title about people who worked in an animation studio. Probably it was a crappy show, but at the time I loved it because I wanted to be an animator when I grew up and it was cool to see people (even silly, broadly drawn characters) who enjoyed doing that for a living.

Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

Don’t know if many have noticed this, but leaving a comment on this weblog is not an easy thing to do. Previewing a comment leads to an error page. Posting one results in a hanging page. Whenever that happens, you just need to hit “reload” in your browser and it will take. Sorry about that.

This is part of a greater problem with my server being very slow — why, I have no idea. The slowness been getting much worse in the last couple of weeks; so bad that I sometimes can’t log into Movable Type to post new entries and do other weblog maintenance. My web host is working on solving it. Did we mention how much I hate computer/web problems?

In the Bedroom

What does a person’s tchotchkes say about them? Various little things in my bedroom-office (some call it clutter, I call it an assemblage du junque) made into a a flickr set. Related: flickr photos tagged with the word “clutter”.