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Category Archives: Shoegazing

Now We Are Six

I didn’t notice when the anniversary passed by earlier this month, but I’ve been doing for six years now. Six years! The mind boggles.

I was going to say something here about how much I’ve grown over these last few years, but after looking through the Wayback Machine archives for this site, I’d have to say no. This weblog essentially hasn’t changed that much since 2000, except that individual posts have gotten longer, more thoughful, but also more sporadic. Anybody remember when I posted a bunch of stuff in a day, every day? Then I’d apologize if I missed a day? For a laugh, peruse the first month archive page. That month I posted about goofy old music, Photoshop abuse, stupid parents, and forgotten TV commercials containing Broadway-esque musical numbers. Same ‘ol me!

Holy Flashback!

dollypeanuts.jpgThis flickr photo of Dolly Madison fruit pie packages with Peanuts characters gave me a momentary “whoa, childhood flashback” moment. I can remember biking down to the local Circle K to buy them as a kid. Probably the pies resonated so well since they combined two of my favorite things — sugary pastries and Peanuts. Occasionally my mom would also take us to the Dolly Madison outlet store. The long drive into another town just for cheap bread and Zingers personally seemed like a waste of time, but on one such trip I was rewarded a copy of the Charles M. Schulz history Peanuts Jubilee (a book that I still have, twenty plus years later). Dolly and Peanuts eventually went through a quiet divorce that no one wants to talk about.

Speaking of flickr, I just posted something there from Christopher’s childhood — a box of Twinkles cereal from the early ’60s. This General Mills product had a children’s story starring Twinkles the Elephant printed on every box. Twinkles can be seen in his b&w animated glory in this commercial and mini-cartoon. Cute, huh?

A-Hiking We Will Go

Sometimes you have to say “goodbye” to oppressive desert heat and “hello” to cool, inviting pines. That’s what we’re doing for the long holiday weekend with a stay at my parents’ cabin, followed by a trip to — Prescott, Arizona. I hope to see at least one squirrel and perhaps a deer or two. Catch you later!

Dozens of Balls of Paper

During the last couple of hours, I’ve been wadding up pages of newsprint from the local free weekly — packing material for our physically large yet unprofitable eBay sellings. I wound up with inky black hands, but now at least I know the ads of every gentlemen’s club from Glendale to Apache Junction. And how are you?

I’m just writing this because sometimes I have this feeling of futility, like I’m working on a whole lot to accomplish a whole little. So I was thinking it might help if I wrote down the things I accomplished in the last three days — important things, minor things, whatever. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Worked — finished the first draft of a local children’s theatre playbill; revisions on a couple of Viz projects. They’re not done yet, but we’re close.
  • Finished a book — Ethan Mordden’s Make Believe: The Broadway Musical in the 1920s.
  • Played so much of the computer game Alchemy that now I’m seeing colorful zodiac symbols and a disembodied wizard head saying “game over” everywhere.
  • Saw the DVD of an Asian thriller, One Missed Call. It was okay, but we’ve seen so many of these kinds of films that they’re starting to blend together. All Asian thrillers have to have two of these three items : a) modern electronics gone amok, b) dirty, mildewy home or apartment, c) creepy ghost child. If a particular film contains all three (like One Missed Call did), you hit the jackpot!
  • Watched a few repeats from the Benson marathon on TV Land. It was here that I noticed that all Susan Harris sitcoms from the ’80s (Benson, Soap, It’s A Living, The Golden Girls, Empty Nest) have the same look and feel, even down to recycling the same musical cues.
  • Packed up four of the aformentioned eBay sellings, Russel Wright pieces which sold too cheaply and gave me black, inky hands.

Housecleaning 2

Heads up — I’m selling off the remainder of my Russel Wright American Modern dinnerware in the ongoing Buy My Crap at eBay campaign. Recently I’ve pruned down my collection to just the white and grey pieces, along with a few token pieces in the rare glacier blue and common chartreuse colors. This setup looks really nice and chic, like something out of Dwell magazine; I’ll have to take a picture of it to share here soon.

Like I said before, it’s liberating to get rid of a lot of this stuff, but at the same time the lack of interest it’s generating can get frustrating. This week, I’m doing gravy boats and liners. Though I priced them fairly, it appears that these pieces aren’t doing too well — so if you want to get a nice set of nice cheap old dinnerware, here’s your opportunity. The All-Wright website contains lots of pictures of American Modern for the uninitiated (my prices are much better than theirs, however).


We put our cat to sleep today. The vet and her assistant arrived at our home and gave the shot while Eames was napping on his favorite blanket on my bed. I can only hope that the experience wasn’t stressful for him, more like recessing into a deep sleep. I didn’t cry, although I came close when we swaddled his body in his favorite pillow case and buried him in the back yard, in a grassy area dotted with California poppies and bachelor’s buttons every Spring. He loved taking walks in the backyard (on a leash). I thought about the happiness he gave us, and how he used to take these hilarious high speed sprints across the house whenever we came home, slipping and sliding across the wood floors. Eames was a special, warm and easygoing cat and he’ll always occupy a cherished place in my and Christopher’s hearts. To anyone who has a pet cat or dog — give it a hug for me.