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Category Archives: Rubylith

An Overdose of Cute

Awww, how cuuute. I’m in love with these Mary Blair illustrations from Baby’s House by Geolo McHugh, a vintage Little Golden Book (via Drawn!). The page takes an extremely long time to load, but bear with it and be rewarded with drawings so insanely cute they’ll make yer teeth hurt. Dan Goodsell’s Mary Blair flickr set is another must-see. Can’t get enough of the fabulous Ms. Blair!

Larry Tate Would Approve

Another marvy flickr set: ads with cartoon elements (thanks, Julie!). You could probably lose a day or three of productivity just glancing through all of Leif Peng’s flickr photo sets containing all sorts of cool vintage illustration art.

Has-Beens? Try Never-Wases.

Continuing today’s “found photo” theme, don’t miss this amazing gallery of publicity photos by the famed entertainment photographer James Kriegsmann (via PCL Linkdump). Jennifer Sharpe of Sharpeworld put this together and my hat’s off to her. While Kriegsmann beautifully photographed some of the most famous names in post-WWII entertainment, this gallery concentrates on unknowns from the studio’s later years. And therefore you get lots of hideously outfitted “never heard of ’em” acts like Daybreak, the group pictured here. Fantastic!


Beavers, You’re Out. Auf Wiedersehen.

Just for fun I thought I’d share the beavers that didn’t make it for a specially designed thong in my Cafe Press store (which are not to be confused with character actress Louise Beavers).

Sketches one and two. The left one seems a little too easy and I don’t like his stick. Like the pose on the right one. Note log mysteriously floating under teeth. No room for logic in cartoonland.


“Coming, Ma.”: a tired beaver stands next to a more abstracted beaver with giant teeth. Didn’t get the legs right.


Simplified beaver resting on a log; a lost Hanna-Barbera character.


Torino No Go

Maybe it’s just me, but don’t the Torino Olympic medals look like reconstituted CDs? I keep expecting a winner to put one in their stereo and have the Spice Girls or something come out. A Speak Up post reveals that the design symbolizes an Italian piazza (mmm, okay) and the hole represents the heart, filled by the athlete who wears it. Actually, the picture they linked to makes the medals look much classier than they appear on TV. Having the ribbon thread through the medal is another elegant touch.

A Joy to Behold

We always need visual inspiration, don’t we? My great pal Joy Olivia Miller has recently started a weblog containing lots of design-y links and commentary. For example, she posted about one of my faves, artist Charles Harper. Speaking of Harper, I just uploaded some 1958 cookbook illustrations of his in a new flickr set called Cool Vintage Illustration. These drawings show a different side of Harper with expressive pen and ink lines and nice use of spot color.