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Category Archives: Paper

Mildred Fierce

Last week, ran a fine appreciation of James M. Cain’s Mildred Pierce which I managed to miss until today. Like the author, the Vintage paperback reissue served as my introduction to Cain. I was transfixed by how much more gritty and earthy the novel was compared to the movie. It was also interesting that Cain described Mildred as a petite woman with blonde curly hair and penetrating eyes — more a Bette Davis than Joan Crawford type. In the film, Ann Blyth plays the daughter (wonderfully) as a spoiled brat, but the novel’s Veda is a hundred times more insidious and manipulative. Plus, naturally, Cain supplies the story with a lot more evilness than anything the 1940s movie production code would allow. It’s a great read.

I also got a small kick out of this other Slate feature — classic lit book covers redone as pulp fiction. You just know that Lewis Carrol intended Alice to resemble a saucy little minx.

Happy Amusement Park

Whew. I’ve finally finished preparing and uploading a flickr set of scans from an early ’60s issue of the long running Japanese childrens’ magazine Tanoshii Youchien (Happy Amusement Park Kindergarten). I came across this find last year in a Bisbee, AZ collectibles store and couldn’t put it down. The pages contain a bunch of wild and different illustration styles, but they all have that indefinably “Japanese” look. Stop by, and if by chance you know some Japanese, feel free to help translate! Arigato.

Stitch My A**

It must be a sign of the scatterbrained, random goings on here that I haven’t bothered to write about Julie Jackson’s Subversive Cross Stitch book until now. Chronincle Books has had it out for a month. This book serves as the dead tree companion to Julie’s web business, where one can order delightfully vulgar cross stitch pattern sets like the classic GO FUCK YOUR SELF. On paper, a completed version of that design (and many others not shown at the website) is pictured alongside a pattern showing how to make it yourself — I love books that are both lovely to look at and useful! An introduction demonstrates a basic tutorial on how to cross stitch, fitting both the advanced and novice crafter. I contributed four small illustrations to the “how to” section. The book also contains one of my SCS button designs, and Julie lists yours truly among the thank-yous in the back. Cool!

Chronicle also has a nifty notecard set and forthcoming 2007 wall calendar available. Congratulations, Julie!

Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens

Lileks posted this 1977 Frederick’s of Hollywood Catalog about a month ago, but I haven’t seen it ’til now. Nice illustrations of Charlies Angels-esque models wearing hideous jumpsuits and huge wigs. The outfits look not so much sewn but as if they were concocted in test tubes at Dow Chemical.

Cold Chop Suey on a Paper Plate

A fascintating showbiz tale from the past: Mark Evanier’s recollections of writing a cheesy Gold Key Comics adaptation of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan. Evanier’s on a roll — check his entries on the odd movie watching and eating habits of crazy old Howard Hughes.

Meanwhile, in Seattle: glamorous weblogger/ersthwhile game show contestant couple Vince and Rosemarie Keenan have embarked on a collaborative weblog called Shame-faced, in which they write about the classic literature and films that they’ve never experienced until now. Nice!

Small In Japan

Hi … I’m running into a busy spot this week, so posting here will be sporadic. In the meantime, enjoy these cartoon animals interacting with household appliances. It comes from an incredible early ’60s Japanese childrens magazine that I bought last year in Bisbee. I’ve scanned the entire thing and will hopefully have it uploaded at flickr soon.