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The Mystery of Bag X-13D

Doritos X-13D flavorIf anybody is curious about Doritos flavor X-13D, packaged in a plain black bag with “All American Classic” as your only clue, the chips taste exactly like a McDonalds cheeseburger. Eating them reminds me of the amazing scientific advances which allow mankind to put so many different flavors in a nondescript orange powder. You get a little bit of a hamburger taste, the vinagary tang of ketchup, and even an essence of pickle. It’s a bizarre taste for a tortilla chip, but worth a one bag purchase. I don’t think we’ll be buying more, however (photo from

Over in the frozen food aisle, I also took a chance on Dreyer’s Take the Cake ice cream. Tastes just like yellow cake with candy sprinkles and a ribbon of atomic blue frosting. Let me specify that the ice cream itself is yellow cake flavored and it in fact contains no yellow cake. Like the Doritos, it’s weird but actually pretty good. This is one of five limited edition flavors Dreyer’s is putting out with a hackneyed American Idol theme, and just like A.I. you can vote on your favorite. Last time I checked, Take the Cake was leading the pack with 33% of the votes.

Can you tell I was allowed to go grocery shopping without the s.o.?

Mold-y Oldies

plastic radioNicely photographed vintage plastic items from the collection of Brazilian designer and flickr user Gerson Lessa. Gotta show this to the s.o., curator of If it was poured into a mold, he loves it.

Via the newly WordPressed Robot Action Boy.

The $4-A-Day Habit online columnist Mark Morford rants against Starbucks. Despite having a link to Starbucks’ iTunes music store on the front page of this very weblog, I found the piece hilarious and very insightful. Mostly what I can’t figure out about Starbucks is the amount of moms who bring their preteen children there to buy them a morning pick-me-up. I just want to shake those ladies good and slap them across their collective faces — first off, it’s too expensive and secondly, why are you indulging you precious little ones this way? Stupid ass moms.

Weekend Update

A few jottings for an unusually warm Saturday:

  • Christopher’s post on the U.S. Citizenship Test contains links to the test Qs and As which recent immigrants need to memorize to gain citizenship. Look over the 142 questions to figure out how much elementary school history you’ve retained.
  • reader Chandy sent me The Final Take, an interesting All Movie Guide commentary on how John Cusack’s performances in Say Anything and High Fidelity reflect the romantic state of today’s man. Thanks, Chandy!
  • My review of Sondre Lerche’s album Phantom Punch is posted at So Much Silence. The comparison with Phoenix’s It’s Never Been Like That (which I had just loaded into iTunes a few weeks ago) is completely apt.
  • Sixteen months after redesigning this weblog, I’ve finally updated the corresponding favicon to match my little self portrait on the front page. The only thing that bugs me is that the icon still looks like gobbledygook in Bloglines — and mine’s the only one with that special “screwed up” look. Anybody know why that is so?
  • Finally, head over to the Web Goddess Oscar Contest for a chance at winning a trio of Kris’s fabulous sock monkeys!

Mary Mary Quite Stationary

An amusing series of short films dramatizes a few days’ worth of Mary Worth comic strips (via Crackskulbob). The actors are framed and positioned exactly as in the strips, making it weird and funny at the same time.

In a completely different vein, my review of the self titled third album from The Autumn Defense has been posted at So Much Silence. I requested it on a whim — since I thought this sort of pleasantly mellow, yuppieish music would be good for the aborted magazine column‘s readership. But it’s an excellent CD that’s been on heavy rotation ’round here.

I Sing the Body Electric

Last night Christopher and myself journeyed over to the Arizona Science Center to view an exhibit called Body Worlds 3. It was wild and interesting. The “Body Worlds” concept was introduced by German scientist Gunther Von Hagens, who developed a method of preserving dead tissue in a process which replaces human body fluids with liquified plastic. On the outset it’s somewhat creepy to think that these bodies on display were once living beings, but those thoughts vanish once you’re actually in the exhibit. Brief glimpses of a Body Worlds exhibit could be seen in the movie Casino Royale. We first discovered it in another flick, the German thriller Anatomy. If you’ve never seen this one, it’s quite an over-the-top hoot — the plot revolves around a group of medical students are terrorized by a mysterious serial killer, one who has the balls to plasticize their bodies in a huge museum display! The cast includes Franka Potente of Run Lola Run, who likely has left this particular opus off her resume.