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Category Archives: Mishmash

Peel Me a Grape

Another weird thing: every time I hear the name “General Petraeus” on the news it reminds me of Rome, the TV series.

White on White Books

We love our cat Eero. Even so, she’s fond of getting into places she shouldn’t be — like the five foot high shelf in our living room. To deter her I got a little book holder and filled it full of books with white, off-white and beige jackets to take up most of the shelf space. Arranging books by color is something that’s taken hold in recent years and there’s even a Flickr group devoted to the subject. Eero will still probably find a way to squeeze herself up there, but at least it’ll look pretty with a white kitty next to a bunch of white books.

White Books

Doo What?

The Washington Post has a small article on the beachside ’50s-’60s motel revival in the Wildwoods section of New Jersey. The locals call this architectural style “Doo Wop,” which bugs me since Doo Wop is a musical style and I always thought “Googie” is the accepted term for that kinda stuff. The Wikipedia entry for Googie lists Doo Wop as another term for it, though, so maybe it’s correct. At least they’re preserving this stuff nicely — check the Doo Wop Preservation League Gallery.

Headaches by the Number

Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 writes of his chronic headaches in The New York Times Magazine. Funny!

Something to Chew On

Time magazine illustrates what families around the world eat in an average week. Interesting in so many ways. Looks like the Mexican family loves its Coca Cola, and the German family has more alchohol than usual.

I’m Wishing

Reading through Eugene Robinson’s Washington Post editorial An Egghead for the Oval Office, I just kept nodding my head and saying “yes, yes” to myself. Is having a reasonably intelligent president too much to ask for? Unfortunately I’m not feeling Robinson’s optimism. Looking over our recent commanders-in-chief — Reagan, Clinton, even Bushes I and II — all have varying degrees of charisma and approachability, qualities that are far more important for average Joes and Janes than intelligence. (via TypeFiend)