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Category Archives: Mishmash

Scraping By

America without a Middle Class, a Huffington Post editorial by Elizabeth Warren. President Obama should hire Ms. Warren as some kind of Lending Industry Czar to curb the banking industry’s greedy ways. I’ve seen her on Frontline and a few other things and she presents herself as nothing less than a paragon of common sense.

Somewhere, An Eagle Is Crying

A museum of tacky 9/11 memorabilia from curator April Winchell. All those sparkly animated GIFs that people use to post on their MySpace pages … words fail me.

Rest Stops, R.I.P.

Via his Twitter feed, Tim Halbur alerted me to a cool but depressing article on that now endangered piece of roadside Americana, the rest stop. I love the uniqueness of rest stops from state to state, the wild architecture (check out the photos with the article), the local historical lore. Visiting them is one of the little pleasures of traveling by auto. What a crying shame that they’re are being replaced with pee stops at McDonalds!

True story: when I was a young tyke, my family took annual drives through Nebraska to visit the grandparents. One particular summer at our first rest stop, I came across a brochure showing modern sculptures installed at several rest stops along the state’s main highway. For the rest of the trip, my patient parents made a point to visit every stop with a sculpture we could — just to indulge their art-crazy kid. It was a memorable trip. Nebraska’s 500 Mile Sculpture Garden came about during the Bicentennial; a documentary on the project can be viewed here.

Lines Are Fun

Time for a vintage film that evokes memories of painstakingly laying strips of wet newspaper on a balloon in third grade art class. The virtually dialogue-free Art For Beginners: Fun With Lines ambles along like a mellow Sesame Street segment. It was produced by Coronet in 1973, with lots of cool shots in and around Chicago. Hands on your desks, students, and don’t eat the Play-Doh.

100% Cotton

Kirk Demarais of Secret Fun Spot takes a journey through his life in t-shirts. Astonishing!

Linked here previously, but it bears repeating: The Glen Mullaly Super-Terrific Licensed Television and Motion Picture Shirts & T-Shirts of the 1970s Razzle Dazzle Retrospective Spectacular Pt.1! .

Fish Pedicure?

The New York Times compiles the Buzzwords of 2008. From a designer’s standpoint, they did a great job with the type treatment (by Jessica Hische).

Also (sorta) via the NYT: method lust, a weblog devoted to Method cleaning products.