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Category Archives: Mishmash

Finger Lickin’ Gone

David from Other Stream has assembled an interesting page on extinct restaurant chains such as Arthur Treacher’s Fish ‘N Chips, Minnie Pearl’s Fried Chicken and Sambo’s. A former Sambo’s with its original chi-chi ’60s lighting fixtures (but little else, unfortunately) still stands here in downtown Phoenix.

Two Things

Two things tonight. I finally finished the little site dedicated to our California Sun ‘n Sand Vacation from October 2005. Follow us as we journey to Huntington Beach, Anaheim and points West!

Also, a TV tip. For those with access to the BBC America network, check out Creature Comforts. This series was created by Aardman Studios as a continuation of Nick Park’s Oscar-winning Creature Comforts short, in which he dubbed the sounds of ordinary Brits talking about their lives over hilarious animation of clay animals in a zoo. These new vignettes are slicker and slightly less funny, but I love the way the animators include little touches in the background such as showing the animals pooping (yeah, I’m a four year old at heart). Like everything else on its schedule, BBC America plays it at odd hours — but the new ones come on Friday nights. The first episode includes the original Creature Comforts tacked on at the end.

Gobble, Gobble

This Thanksgiving, we need to bow our heads and take time to remember the woman who invented Stove Top Stuffing. By the way, the Cornbread Stove Top with chopped apple pieces? Excellent. Thanks for the link, Brad.

7 More Wonders of the World

This week only, we’re having a blowout sale on vintage View-Master reels at eBay. Most date from the late ’40s/early ’50s and have travel destinations, fairy tales, or TV/movies as their subject. They’re old, they’re cool, they’re going to the thrift store if someone doesn’t buy them!


Food Court Utopia

I didn’t see or read too many weblogs during my absence, but one stood out for its originality – Malls of America. This weblog consists of little more than vintage postcards of early shopping malls, but it’s remarkable how similar they all are and how they speak of a kind of long-gone ’50s-’70s optimism. That white on white, Logan’s Run-esque architecture gives me the warm and fuzzies. The fact that most of the places pictured are devoid of shoppers adds an extra layer of eeriness.

PS I found this via Katya’s Oddio Overplay Blog. Speaking of which, she has a cool-looking Ghouls with Attitude! compilation up now. Guess what I’ll be doing for the next few days …