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Category Archives: Mishmash

The Incurable Collector

Tim Lucas Video WatchBlog on the collecting instinct. Lucas writes candidly about his own completist desires in collecting DVDs, but his post really could refer to any kind of collection. The reader responses also contain many insights. What makes people collect — a hoarding instinct? In my experience, the people who get extremely obsessive in this regard tend to be men. Why is that so?

Although I’m not obsessive with collecting DVDs per se, I can relate. Compare it to a drug user who is dependent one week, then cold turkey the next. I actually go through periods of acquiring things, followed by periods of selling things off. Usually at the same time. Maybe it comes from living in a small house, but I can’t stand having lots of unnecessary things cluttering up my life. But then again, having different exquisite vintage items around the house (often artfully arranged on a shelf) makes me feel comfortable. On the other hand, I have a bad habit of accumulating things that pile up for unknown reasons here and there. In my bedroom, I have a particular small pile of various papers (that I don’t really need) which I store on my computer chair. Every time I use my computer, I have to remove the pile and stick it on the bed. That’s fucked up. Why don’t I just chuck that pile into the garbage?

I’m rambling here, but I just want to close by extolling the virtues of getting rid of things. On eBay, I’m currently selling off bunches of Russel Wright dinnerware which I collected throughout the ’90s. While I originally thought it might be hard to let go of these items (and I’m certainly not selling this stuff for more than the prices I originally paid for them), it actually feels wonderful to set things free. Liberating, even.

Ya Know Who You Look Like?

Both Gael and Max have linked to this fun site where you can upload a photo of yourself and it tells you which celebrities you supposedly resemble. So of course I had to give it a go. My results are below. If you want to try it, just ignore the site’s badgering to register with them — and don’t forget to laugh at the ridiculous results.

Who they said I look like: Colin Firth, John Carmack (who?), Noam Chomsky, Michael Howard (??), Grace Jones, Peter Sellers, Jennifer Garner, Robert Zemeckis, 50 Cent, Donald Rumsfeld

Past celebrities that people have said I look like: Bruce Willis, Peter Weller, Cy Curnin (lead singer of The Fixx), Andrew McCarthy, Leonard Nimoy, Alan Rickman, James Dean, Woody Harrelson

Proof that Karma Works

The L.A. Times exposé on Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light (TM) is required reading. How deliciously gratifying it is to find that a loathesome, hypocritical man lies behind all those candy-ass paintings of lighthouses and country cottages. And now he’s being sued all over the place. Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

Trio of Thingies

In the absence of anything long and boring today, I submit three little tidbits:

  • No awards season is complete without entering the Web-Goddess Oscar Contest to win a pair of rainbow hued “Brokeback (sock) Monkeys”. Kris rocks!
  • Terry just sent along a reminder that the annual pledge drive for WFMU is going on right now. Stop by, take a listen to some of that Freeform Radio goodness, and if you have some extra cash on hand pass it their way.
  • I’m loving these 1964 New York Worlds Fair postcards assembled by the spiffily redesigned Eye of the Goof. What to do? I’d wanna ride the GM Futurama exhibit and It’s A Small World back when it was new, then sample the delicious waffles at the Belgian pavilion (believe it or not, that’s what most visitors best remembered).

Badass Wicker

The Nonist has done an entertaining history of wicker furniture as signifier of hipness (via PCL Linkdump). Love it!

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

According to the AP, the old fashioned jingle has fallen out of favor in the advertising biz. Instead, agencies choose the cheaper and more familiar route of using existing pop songs in commercials (sigh). Although I’m no longer in that coveted 18-34 demo, everytime I hear some overexposed rock chestnut trotted out in a commercial, I roll my eyes and make a mental note to avoid their product. It makes me wistful for the pre-ironic, ultra sincere age in advertising, when people could get away with re-purposing Neil Sedaka’s “Calendar Girl” to sell cat-themed calendards for Purina Cat Chow (“January/Chow chow chow chow chow”). Have you ever noticed that Wrigley’s Big Red gum has had the same jingle since the ’70s? They must be doing something right.