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Category Archives: Kitsch

Las Vegas in 1983 on Flickr

Just uploaded to flickr: 33 photos of Las Vegas I shot in 1983. I was thirteen and went there on a business trip with my dad. Most of these photos were shot via the family 35mm camera by myself, wandering the strip at night. It’s kind of a wonder that I wasn’t mugged or anything. The photos are of a very old time, unpretentious (and nearly empty) side of Vegas that is completely different from what you’d find in the same place 27 years on. Check it out.


Learning the Facts of Life

Nice: remember the YouTube user that I’ve written about before who did those montages of opening credits from forgotten ’80s/’90s TV shows? The one that was taken off YouTube? He’s back. Better hurry up and watch invaluable stuff like this before it disappears again:

Whitest People You Know

Nino Tempo, April Stevens and a bevy of go-go dancers perform “Land of 1,000 Dances” in a Scopitone clip. I wish the quality was better so we could better appreciate those pastel colors.

Attack of the Japanese Leathervixens

Cinebeats highlighted this non-subtitled trailer for the 1966 actioner Black Tight Killers. I don’t know Japanese, but I know I love it!

Somewhere, An Eagle Is Crying

A museum of tacky 9/11 memorabilia from curator April Winchell. All those sparkly animated GIFs that people use to post on their MySpace pages … words fail me.

Welcome to the Sixties. Let’s Bowl.

Those with a keen eye for the corners of Turner Classic Movies‘ schedule will have noticed that the channel has been playing ephemeral short films in the wee hours every Friday night. I never fail to record these babies, they are so bizarre and cool. Last Friday’s selection was The Golden Years, an early ’60s industrial film by Brunswick intended to showcase their shiny new bowling lane designs. Similar to what car manufacturers were promoting at the time, this film boasts angularity, optimism and lots of chrome. Part one:

Surprisingly, one can still find many of these fixtures in bowling alleys all over. And part two: