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Category Archives: Floppies

Queen of Queens

Salon on Perez Hilton’s Gay Witch Hunt. I’ve checked out a few times, and honestly … I don’t get it. A bunch of downloaded paparazzi pics with childish writing scribbled on top. This is hugely popular? Go Fug Yourself does basically the same thing, but at least the G.F.Y. people are funny. And I stronly disagree with Hilton’s m.o. that outing celebrities is a public service to the gay community. Mostly it’s nasty and intrusive — although the tabloid press thinks otherwise, even celebrities deserve to have private lives.

Wii Are the World

I’ve read JD’s impressions, then Kris’ post, then I saw the commercial embedded in the TiVo. Now I want a Nintendo Wii. This comes from someone who hasn’t played a home videogame system since the Atari 2600. It looks like Nintendo’s doing the right thing by appealing to a broader audience who aren’t into the hardcore gaming scene — and those interactive controllers look like tons of fun. I’m not typical, but I prefer simple and engaging gameplay over fancy-shmancy graphics — and first-person games make me dizzy. As a bonus, I love the console’s creamy, Mac-like design. Maybe it’s time to save some pennies and wait a year or so for the price to lower (I didn’t say I wanted it now).

Button Pusher

Fimoculous compiled a lot of neat diversions for his Best Blogs of 2006 that You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading list. One choice that especially stood out for me was History of the Button, a weblog entirely devoted to push buttons (yep). It’s great enough that the person doing this blog has a photo of a ’50s button console from (I think) the Monsanto House of the Future on the front page, but he also recently did an entry on Merlin! I for one didn’t know that Parker Brothers needed to inform Merlin buyers on how to properly use its unusually flat buttons.

Simple Pleasures …

… finally locating a good Scrabble game for the Mac. It cost me twenty clams, but I’ve been trying to get something like this for years.

No Way To Hide Your Prying Eyes delves into Judging Your Friends By Their Netflix Lists (via Hacking Netflix). Although the article belabors the point about the five-star ratings system, it does touch on the voyeuristic thrill of checking out which DVDs your friends have lined up. I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas off them.

Anyone who’d like to become my Netflix Friend is welcome to do so by sending an invite to biz(at) We have the four-out-at-a-time plan, with myself having a queue for three deliveries to Christopher’s separate queue for one. C. tends to put the newer films on his (short) list so they get here faster — but my Friends never see that. Instead, they get my unwieldly queue filled with Mystery Science Theaters, weird documentaries, crappy TV shows, old Disney movies and the occasional Criterion disc.

Heap Big Gobble Gobble Man

The CBC did an interesting article yesterday speculating on why the gaming industry has never topped the success of Pac Man 25 years ago. Some historical tidbits in the article, although they missed the one where they had to change the name from the original Puck Man (to discourage would-be vandals). “Puck Man Fever”? Don’t think so.