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The Search Is Over

What’s your opinion on videogames and patience? The culmination of months of saving has finally happened — I’m getting a Nintendo Wii! It’s mind boggling that, 11 months later, those things are still hard to come by (unless you’re willing to pay $100 more on eBay, which I’m not). Not a fan of camping out in front of stores, I used the Wii Tracker to find something online. It took several days of reloads and several failed attempts, but on Friday morning a small window opened where Circuit City had a bundled package available. It included a Wii console, remote, nunchuck controller and a choice of game. I furiously completed my order before it closed 10 minutes later — success! The package should be shipping early next week.

The bundled games Circuit City had to pick from were WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Madden NFL 07, Mario Party 8, some soccer game and a Pokémon game. I picked WarioWare since it looked like the most fun, easy to learn and best reviewed. What kind of (Wii or not) games do you like? Out of the ones available, I could think of only a few I’d want to own — The Simpsons Game and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Trilogy both look really cool. I think I’d want to check out Ninjabread Man because it has the greatest name and concept ever. Suggestions, anyone?

Best of Times, Worst of Times

By now you’ve probably heard that the New York Times is discontinuing its Times Select subscription service and opening up their digital archives. The coolest part is the free online access to all of the copyright-free articles the paper published between 1851 and 1922. Although Jason Kottke recently posted links to some of the Times’ more notable past articles, the archive’s real fun lies in digging around and finding stories that represented the everyday news as it was 100 or so years ago. Once you get past the arcane writing styles and dense columns of type, it’s interesting to find out that, say, famed actress Maude Adams invented a new method of stage lighting. Fancy that — the Times devoted a whole half a page and thousands of words to that bit of news in 1908.

In my limited browsing I’ve noticed that some stories have a tone of quaint bemusement, others play like an Onion parody of turn-of-the-century reportage. Supposed Corpse Much Alive, printed in the May 12, 1899 edition, sports a little of both:

Supposed Corpse Much Alive

“Mackie celebrated some event in Irish history with too much ardor and appetite …” Something tells me that this unknown reporter, were he young and alive in 2007, would have a kickass weblog.

Me Japanese Toy I Love You

The preview for Japanese videogame Beautiful Katamari (coming to the Xbox and Wii) is so bizarre that I had to watch it three times in a row. Far as I can tell, the game has something to do with rolling a giant ball onto various objects — but I’m too distracted by the Japanese child narrator and the trippy visuals to notice or care.

Big Fat Link Log 2

smiley bookLooking back, it’s been a year since I posted My Big Fat Link Log with the intent of an annual refresh — so it’s high time to do an update. So in case you were wondering what I waste my precious daytime hours on while I should be working, here you go. Surprisingly I got rid of a few, but isn’t it always the case that there are a constant stream of ever-interesting reads to take their place? Bulleted weblogs are either a) new or b) unaccountably missing from last year’s log.

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Thought-Provoking Weblogs

I was thrilled to find that Ivan at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear tagged me with a blogging meme — and for once it’s a good one (Ivan also had some sweet things to say about in his post). The basic jist of the meme is to select five “blogs that make you think” and write about each one. I’ve decided to narrow it down to weblogs done by an individual, and those individuals have no obligation to continue the meme. In no particular order:

1. 2719 Hyperion. I’m a theme park nut. Although I’ve never been to Walt Disney World, reading Jeff Pepper’s weblog and viewing his snapshots of the park’s less explored side is the next best thing to being there. Very insightful, too — check his recent post on the nostalgic pull of theme park music.

2. Today’s Inspiration. I’ll say it now — illustrator Leif Peng must possess the busiest scanner in the Western hemisphere! I love learning about unsung commercial artists from the ’50s and ’60s, and Leif is the perfect guide. His knowledge and personality elevates his weblog, so what easily could’ve been a simple “look what I found” thing is actually an invaluable resource.

3. Quiddity. I first came across Quiddity about 6 or 7 years ago and my interest has never waned. What amazes me about her stream of weird and wonderful links is that, where other blogs have wavered in quality over the years (present company included), she’s stayed exactly the same. Meggan is like the Energizer Bunny of bloggers — she keeps going and going!

4. Robot Action Boy. I’m happy to count “william in taiwan” among my online friends. He has an infectious way of sharing his interests in pinhole photography, weird Asian kiddie toys, kitschy ’70s music, and other stuff. And I think the fact that he never uses the “Shift” key on his keyboard adds to his weblog’s quirky charm.

5. Just Ask Christopher. I’m kind of biased on this — but Christopher never fails to post on some interesting topic I’d never known of, mostly in the science/nature arena. On the other hand, he can get wonderfully eclectic. In the past month he’s posted about actress Veronica Cartwright, the Hartford Circus Fire, the mysterious death of What’s My Line? panelist Dorothy Kilgallen, the dearth of local Simpsons/7-11 merchandise, and the Dewey Decimal System. Nice guy, too.

Seven Years of Unpigeonholeable Tomfoolery

Here’s to odd-numbered anniversaries: seven years ago this week, I started this weblog. I would’ve never believed it would have lasted this long, but yay for longevity. To mark the occasion, I thought it would be a gas to take a look back at the earlier incarnations of

Scrubbles logo #1

In the summer of 2000, I came across an article on “weblogs” in the defunct online magazine Feed. Intrigued, I dove into finding various examples of this “weblog” phenomenon, most of which were technology-oriented or simple online journals. At the time I was working at The Arizona Republic, mostly designing but also writing the occasional travel piece or music review. Basically I was a marketing guy who didn’t quite fit in the newsroom and I needed an outlet to blow off some writing energies. Why not start a weblog, just for fun? So I signed up with Blogger and cobbled together a simple template with the slipshod Scrabble tile logo seen here. The blog was housed on my own personal server with an inpenetrable URL containing a tilde (~). Gosh, it all seems so innocent now.

Scrubbles logo #2

The very blue design #2 was in service from the Summer of 2001 through December 2002. This was a hot period. I was posting multiple times daily on anything and everything, Boing Boing had me linked on their front page, and people were flooding in. The blogging community as a whole was on the crest of a giant wave. Would it ever crash?

Scrubbles logo #3

Design #3 was my favorite, so excellent that it broke my heart when the Great Movable Type Incident of September 2005 forced me to give it up. But I’m getting ahead of myself here — in retrospect, 2003 was a bad year for me. I was under a lot of stress at work and had to take several breaks from the weblog. Eventually I quit and underwent a major reassessment of everthing in my life. Gradually the m.o. changed from quickie “look what I found” link-based posts to longer, more thoughtful pieces (well, as thoughtful as 400-word odes to junk food and junkier television shows can get). Not quite as hot and sexy as the latest celebrity gossip, but it suited me better.

Scrubbles logo #4

The current! At the risk of sounding totally self-serving, I feel like we’re getting better with each passing year. So here’s to more retro-goodness, wherever it comes from. If you yourself have a weblog — thanks for the inspiration. If you’re just stopping by — thanks for the visit. I hereby promise to be as unpigeonholeable as possible for the coming seven years or longer.