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Twitter Bird

Advertising Age‘s Simon Dumenico analyzes why Oprah Winfrey and Twitter might not be such a good match. I gotta admit that I’m really taking to Twitter. I enjoy reading the 71 people I follow there (which really isn’t that many, all things considered), and I often post a “tweet” once or twice a day. If I think of something short and pithy, my first impulse is to post a simple Twitter tweet rather than do a long weblog entry. It’s a fun diversion, but it doesn’t replace blogging for me.

It’s interesting to note the Twitter users who, unprovoked, chose to follow me. Some are bloggers that I follow, or ex-bloggers who fell off my radar. Others are perfectly random people. Often I’ll get a fellow designer or illustrator that I never heard of before (similar to Flickr). Sometimes I’ll follow a famous person, and be thrilled when they follow me back. Then I’ll check their profile and find that they’re following 17,000 other Twitterers — oh well.

Steve and Jayne and 8K of RAM

Andy Baio of shares a curio from the past — Computability, in which Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows explain the concept of home computing to the layman of 1984. I think I deserve some kind of award for listening to all 35:45 of Steve and Jayne bantering over modems and monitors. The accompanying hour-long video remains to be seen, however. Hmmm, wonder where I can view episodes of their old PBS show, the one where they played famous historical figures?

Comp DOA

Two nights ago, I had a little computer situation. The screen on my six year-old iMac went black, just like that.

Granted, it wasn’t completely black. I could still see a very faint impression of windows on a desktop. With some research, we found out that the bulb on the Mac’s LED screen burnt out. The rest of the computer was okay, but since the monitor is attached we had to find a way of fixing it. Turns out this problem is fairly common, but the methods of fixing it are neither easy nor cheap. While trying to figure out how to proceed, I set out to save as much data on as many writeable DVDs as I could. This involved shining a halogen lamp directly at the screen and trying hard not to lose the cursor in the murk on the screen.

Old Computer Data Transfer

Since the old iMac was getting to be a painfully slow dinosaur anyhow, we decided to truck out to Best Buy and get one of the new iMacs. These things are huge. The smallest, 20″ model just barely fits in the hole on my computer desk. To insert disks in the side, I have to drag the thing out of its cubbyhole. That aside, it’s a gorgeous and speedy machine and I’m so glad to have it. No longer will I have to endure the “rainbow pinwheel of death” just to load a web page or something. In the meantime I have to go through the laborious process of reinstalling software, fonts and (the worst part) configuring my email. I haven’t even started on rebuilding my iTunes music library. It’s going to be a long weekend.

Library Club President

I don’t think I’ve giggled so hard as while browsing through Flickr’s Yearbook Yourself photo pool. On another note, I’m impressed with how the mall marketing aspect of Yearbook Yourself is integrated with the site (meaning it’s not nearly as obnoxious as it could’ve been). You can swap genders, too! Here’s how I would look as a Class of ’54 girl with two-day stubble:

My Yearbook Photo as a Girl, 1954

Big Fat Link Log 3

Clown SketchWe’re nearing the end August. Do you know what that means? Sticky thighs and melting ice cream? Yeah, that — and it’s also time for an update to the annual list of the weblogs I’ve been reading. It just keeps growing and growing, which is another reason why I prefer to keep this thing on a single entry as opposed to taking up lots of room on a sidebar. The starred new additions are not exactly new (even for me), but they are some of the weblogs that have caught my eye over the past year or so. To them and all the other hard-working bloggers on this list, thank you.

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Twittering Our Lives Away

I’m on Twitter now. I know. This seems like one of those trendy social networking sites that everybody flocks to, then abandons after a year or two — but it’s actually pretty fun. Since I don’t own a mobile, I’ll end up using it to post little observational bits that are too short to make it as a Scrubbles entry. Thanks to Bob for the heads-up.