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Two Bunnies and a Duck, the Book

Now that the new year has begun, I can reveal a project that occupied a good chunk of my time last month — Two Bunnies & A Duck: The Book. This was my special Christmas gift for Christopher (who loved it). The book collects the first 22 Two Bunnies & A Duck comics, along with a few extra goodies. With and my trusty copy of Adobe InDesign, the production went as seamlessly as you can get. Honestly, I don’t expect anyone else to buy the $25.95 hardback edition, but there is a considerably cheaper download version at my Lulu storefront.

Two Bunnies & A Duck, The Book

Happy Anniversary

The new Two Bunnies and a Duck posted today is dedicated to my loving partner. For it was fourteen years ago tomorrow that we first met. Thank you for entering my life, Christopher!

Two Bunnies and a Duck Comic #21

Bunnies, Comic #18

New Two Bunnies And A Duck today. I’m pleased with how nicely drawn and colored this one came out.

Bunnies, Comic #16

New Two Bunnies And A Duck this week. Actually, this one was supposed to be ready last week, but computer problems got in the way. An observation: after six months, it’s becoming apparent that I cannot draw cartoon characters with any consistency whatsoever. The figures in comic #15 are refined to have an appealingly cuddly look, but in #16 they’re back to being all weird and elongated. So frustrating.

Bunnies, Comic #13

New Two Bunnies and a Duck posted today. I love coming up with gags for the comic, but I have to admit that the drawing, scanning and coloring is very tedious. I’m not skilled enough to make the characters look at all consistent (this week they look a bit elongated) — a redesign might be in order.

Bunnies, Comic #11

A new Two Bunnies and a Duck was posted today that deals somewhat with boredom. Although the comic is coming along nicely, I’m just not feeling terribly creative lately. I can’t even think of anything interesting to post about on Scrubbles. It’s probably a weather thing. I can’t think straight when it’s hot. It’ll probably subside soon.