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Category Archives: Art

Flickr Friday: Blown Covers

Blown Covers is a friendly competition put on each week by The New Yorker‘s Art Editor, Françoise Mouly, to create fake magazine covers based on a theme. From the high quality entries they receive each week, Mouly and her daughter, Nadja Spiegelman, have their work cut out for them with their judging duties. I’ve observed the winners for a few months now, but it’s only in the last two weeks that I decided to step up and contribute stuff to the contest. Below are my entries for the Food and Fashion-themed contests. Although neither made the selection for runners-up or winners, I had fun doing them and look forward to stretching my creative muscles attempting more. Trying to think up something both artistic and clever is tough, however (how did Peter Arno do it?).

By the way, although the contest stipulates that entries should be in sketch forms, so many winners end up looking like final artwork. It make me wonder where these people get the time for it, and very humbled that there are so many talented artists out there.

Flickr Saturday: Batiste Madalena Cinema Posters

On our Flickr Friday Saturday, we have some images that I scanned from a fascinating article in the December 1983 issue of American Heritage magazine. These beautiful film posters from the ’20s were painted by Batiste Madalena (1902-1988) for George Eastman’s movie palace in Rochester, New York. Madalena was employed as the house artist at this theater until it changed ownership in 1928. Shortly thereafter while riding his bike through town, he happened to come across all his handiwork stacked in a heap of trash behind the theater! He managed to save 225 of these beauties, which have since been displayed in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and elsewhere.

Some of the posters reproduced in the American Heritage article are included below; check out the full set in my Batiste Madalena flickr set.

New at LitKids: Nancy Drew

I’ve been wanting to do a Nancy Drew LitKids print for a while — the teen sleuth is a little more modern than the other characters I’ve got, but she does fit in with the iconic Kids Lit canon. Although we constantly come across the Nancy books during our thrift store jaunts, they’re always reprints from the ’60s and later. Eventually I found an original 1946 printing of The Mystery of the Tolling Bell at a used book store. Once that was in place, doing a design with silhouette Nancy and her famous flashlight was easy. I chose to replace her trench coat with a smart ’40s frock, too. This one was a long time coming (the holidays, work, work, work), but it’s finally ready for sale at LitKids.

Christopher decided to shoot a video of me demonstrating the different stages of making the Nancy print. The first part (of four) is below. Though the screen I did in this video turned out to be underexposed and not usable, the videos hopefully have a lot of info for would-be screen printers. Enjoy!

New at LitKids: Alice in Silver, Black

At LitKids, I came up with something to make up for the dwindling supply of Alice In Wonderland prints on hand. These new prints use the same design and book pages, but they are printed in silver and black inks. These came out really nice, even better than the original red-on-pink design. The black-on-silver ones are gorgeous, and the reverse silver-on-black gives the image a striking “goth” feel (although they didn’t come out as nice). I feel especially proud of these since they were done from a brand new silk screen — Alice is the most complex image, and to get a good screen exposure in the sunlight, it has to be timed especially right.

The silver prints cost $15 and the black ones are $12. Check them out!

New at LitKids: Box ‘o Note Cards

My summer LitKids project has come to fruition — a spiffy box set of blank note cards! This project actually started last spring, when the proprietor MADE Boutique here in Phoenix brought up the fact that note cards always sell in her shop. From the beginning I thought I’d use the popular Anne of Green Gables, Jo from Little Women and Alice In Wonderland images on the cards, but I put off printing them until the Tom Sawyer one was finished (I knew it would come out nice, and it’s good to have a boy to add to the three girls).

Once the cards were designed, it was pretty easy getting them printed at Overnight Prints. Add in boxes, clear plastic sleeves, and labels on the back and voilà — eight LitKids cards in a box!

She Was Framed

Greetings from busyville. I have a great Summer mix ready to go, but our internet connection is getting dodgy (we’re getting a new modem soon) so it will have to wait. In the meantime, here’s a shot of my unique Pollyanna LitKids print framed and hung in my bedroom! I got a nice yellow wooden frame on eBay, along with a dark grey mat from our local art supply store. I’m not usually one for hanging my own art around the house, but this one is a special exception.