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Category Archives: Animation

Shoe Leather Expressway

Cartoon time on video Wednesday! The Academy Award-nominated The Jaywalker (1956) exhibits all the modern trademarks of the studio it came from, UPA. I wish Columbia would get off their collective butts and release this stuff on DVD.

Talking Heads


This photo fascinated me — a lot of stop-motion animation heads from Profiles In History’s Fall 2009 Hollywood memorabilia auction. The auction also contains several rare items from the George Pal Puppetoons of the ’30s and ’40s.

Looney Placemats

This is a find — Looney Tunes placemats from the ’30s, one for each day of the week. The characters have a bit of an odd “off model” look, which makes the artwork even more charming in my opinion.


Hole in Termite Terrace

Tin Pan Alley Cats is a jazzy 1943 Merrie Melodie directed with Bob Clampett’s usual outlandishness — and one of the Warner Bros. “Censored Eleven.” From the parade of jivey cats on display I can see why, but that’s still no excuse to just pretend the thing never existed. Watching the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 6 ignites my curiosity for these “lost” cartoons. Thanks goodness for YouTube.

And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

This strange segment from the 1934 Janet Gaynor comedy Servants’ Entrance represents one of the few projects Walt Disney’s animators did for an outside studio (20th Century Fox). It’s cute, and baffling. Read more about it at 2719 Hyperion.

A Little Green Ball of Clay

For being faithful satellite service customers, we found out here at chez Scrubbles that we’re getting three free months of Showtime (including ancillary channels Sundance and Flix). Blockbuster movie overload! Amongst the new offerings was Gumby Dharma, an hour-long documentary on the life of Gumby creator Art Clokey. This was totally fascinating, of course. One of my favorite parts came when they showed snippets of Gumbasia, a short film that Clokey created in his own garage in 1953. According to the doc, Clokey showed this to a 20th Century Fox studio exec in the hopes that they’d pick up the film for theatrical distribution. The exec was duly impressed, but instead of taking on this film he commissioned Clokey to created a new set of shorts geared towards children. Voilá, the creation of Gumby!

Joy of joys, I actually found the full-length version of Gumbasia on YouTube. Dig the jazzy score and the eye popping colors: