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Category Archives: Animation

The Land of Coulda Shoulda

You probably already know that I’m crazy about theme parks, both real and imagined. So it kinda blew my mind when I came across these concept drawings for an unbuilt Hanna-Barbera theme park which Dan Goodsell shared at his Sampler of Things weblog. The six-year-old inner me is jumping up and down at the thought of a Jetsons ride-thru, and that Flintstones Freeway ride looks like a blast and a half.

Hanna Barbera Land

On a semi-related note, drink in the appealingly modern simplicity of Disney artist Walt Peregoy’s 101 Dalmatians color key art. Thanks to Amid at Cartoon Modern for sharing these. Wow.

LOL in Activity

I’d file Something Awful’s hilarious parody of Cartoon Brew in the “better late than never” category since it came out on the 12th. It’s still funny, though. From the obituary of fictional old-as-dirt animator Terp Henderson:

Though most of Terp’s work has gone unseen by the public, he will mainly be remembered by the competent cel-painting on such Disney shorts as Trolley Follies, Clarabell Cow Eats a Straw Hat, Love that Horseless Carriage! and the canceled 1940 adaptation of Mein Kampf.

Spinach Not Included

Well, blow me down. Cartoon Brew announces that the first sixty Max Fleischer produced Popeye cartoons are coming to DVD in July, restored and with lots of bonus features. I’m not as big on the Popeye as with other cartoon stars, but admittedly this looks plenty nifty and the understatedly retro package design is lovely (is that 3-D, or what?).