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Category Archives: Amusements

Scarf It Up

Earlier this year, I made a deal with crafty Kris of web-goddess fame: in exchange for designing a spiffy new weblog banner for her, she got to use her superfly knitting skillz to make me a striped multicolored scarf. The banner was finished last Spring, but it’s only tonight that the scarf has arrived from Kris’ homestead in Australia. Neat! I always wanted a scarf, and this one’s a beauty. Here’s a picture of me rockin’ it with my usual nighttime t-shirt and pajama bottom ensemble:


Think About Your Safety in the Morn-ning

If you ever wanted to see something with Mother Goose characters using Streamline Moderne transportation, Once Upon a Time might be the cartoon for you. We caught this strange yet charming short on a budget DVD set called 150 Cartoon Classics. It was commissioned as a driving safety awareness campaign by Metropolitan Life Insurance in 1936, long before the company had Snoopy as their spokesdog.

The Virile Vampire

Spotted this on The Lady Bunny‘s Facebook. Hilarious!

Brooke Shields, She’s A Beautiful Doll

The Brooke Shields doll commercial from circa 1981, spotted yesterday on Jonno’s Twitter feed. Sure beats that weird eyelash-growing medicine she’s hawking these days.

The Mall — of the FUTURE!

At a local Goodwill recently, I bought this strange little book for kids that was originally published in England. Titled Department Store, it’s a career guide from 1979. I liked browsing through it to see what swanky department stores looked like in the ’70s, British ones at that (shades of Are You Being Served?). The book also contains some hilariously awful illustrations, some of which are the latest additions to my Kiddie Korner flickr set.

My favorite section was this speculative illustration on what the department store of the future may look like. They certainly got the shopping from home part right; other ideas appear interesting enough in concept, but never caught on (click the illustration to see a larger view).

Mall of the Future (1979)

Mall of the Future (1979)

Home Movie Time

Amateur filmmaker Sid Laverents has died at age 100. Although I’ve never heard of Laverents before, his story is one of those heartwarming examples of someone whose hobby eventually defined their life. For Multiple SIDosis, Laverents spent four years filming multiple versions of himself performing a sprightly “Nola.” It’s a charming little film that ranks among the few amateur works included in the Library Of Congress film preservation collection. What slays me about the obit was that he didn’t start doing this until after he turned fifty years old!